Oregano’s Training Log – 5.23.2015

One of the largest race bibs I've ever worn.
One of the largest race bibs I’ve ever worn. Seriously, it covered my entire torso. And no, I did not use my “beer ticket.”

Tapering! Tapering!! I got a full dose of the the tapering crazies this week. I know it’s always bad, but knowing that and experiencing it are two different things. Fortunately work was really busy, so I didn’t have a ton of free time to dwell on my left hamstring which is unexpectedly sore at certain angles or my right ankle which is also being weird, or the fact that I feel slow, tired, etc. etc. etc. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

Sunday (5/17): Sunday was the day my work team had planned to run the Rock-n-Roll Portland 10k. Though the timing was not ideal for me (due to tapering for my 50k on Monday),I knew I wanted to participate, so I decided to not-race the race (reference the most recent friday5. . .). This started out great. I biked to the start, wore training shoes and a t-shirt/tights, started midway back in the first wave and went out at a nice conservative pace. It felt great. And it worked really well until I started gaining on the woman in front of me (around mile 2.5). I’ve found that it’s hard to keep up momentum when people are passing you. And it’s equally hard to run conservatively when you’re gaining on people. At this point in the race I definitely started pushing a bit harder. I passed one, two, three women (and a few men) and then hit an out and back section at mile four and saw that I was currently the fifth woman back. I reeled in the fourth woman over the next mile and noticed that I was actually gaining on the third woman (who had been WAY FAR in front of me earlier in the race). With only 800 meters to go, I did not catch her, but it was a fun race, it felt great to negative split, I ran fairly conservatively and didn’t injure myself and I ran a PR (40:38). All over a positive experience! Run: 7.5 miles (with 10k in 40:38)

Monday (5/18): Run: 7.5 miles

Tuesday (5/19): Independent taper run. Run: 5 miles

Wednesday (5/20): Not-so-tapery taper run with friends. Run: 6.5 miles 

Thursday (5/21): Rest Day. Went to a PT appointment and was told to stop freaking out because I am fine and am just crazy and feeling “potentially maybe injured” because of the taper.

The front of the card says, "You've Totally Got This." I know I've said it before, my running friends are the best.
The front of the card says, “You’ve Totally Got This.” I know I’ve said it before, my running friends win.

Friday (5/22): Have I mentioned my job is the best? We have summer hours starting this week where we can leave at noon on Fridays if we’re done with our work. Unfortunately I was not done with my work by noon, but I got A LOT done with the office totally cleared out (and it was raining anyway so I wasn’t missing out on nice summery weather).  Run: 5.5 miles

Saturday (5/23): Rest Day.

Total Mileage:

     Run: 32 miles

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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  1. Woot, woot!! Great job on the 10-K PR that you weren’t even going for! Glad I am not the only one who hates the taper and has to worry about injuring herself while tapering :).