Oregano’s Training Log – 5.20.2016

Post-Run Saturdays are for snuggles.
Post-Run Saturdays are for snuggles.

Plan for the week: This week had three workouts, so I needed to make sure and take my rest day and “easy” run days nice and easy. It was an especially chill week as far as social obligations were concerned, so I planned to get 7+ hours of sleep every night and give a good, honest effort for each workout.

 Saturday 5/14: Chill Saturday with a hill workout – the first workout I’ve ever done that specifically incorporates power-hiking. The workout was: 3 x 8 minute uphill power-hike with 4-5 minute jog; 5 x 3 minutes runnable grade at up-tempo effort with 1:30-2:00 jog; 5 minutes easy; 3 x 30 seconds all out. I thought I knew a good hill for this, but it ended up not being quite tall or steep enough. I have a new hill to try next time. A good workout either way…Run: 12.5 miles (trail – 2.074 ft elevation gain)

Sunday 5/15: Planned rest day + core/strength

Monday 5/16: Easy run with friends! Run: 8 miles + core/strength

Tuesday 5/17: Awesome day at work. No sarcasm. This was a fantastic day. And one of my coworkers even did my workout with me! Run: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute pyramid with 1/2 time rest. Total = 9.5 miles

Wednesday 5/18: Run: 6 miles + core/strength

And hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows.
And hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows.

Thursday 5/19: 6:30am hill workout. It was the same workout as Saturday, but with an extra 8-minute and 3-minute interval. The hill I chose this time was better, but still not perfect. I arrived at work in extreme need of coffee. Run: 13 miles (trail – 2,971 ft elevation gain)

Friday 5/20: Run: 5.5 miles + core/strength

Total Mileage: 54.5 miles

Summary: Fun week. Running trails before work is a bit…taxing, but it was so great to get three trail runs in in a week! I’m really enjoying having a plan and following it and not being injured! : )

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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