Oregano’s Training Log – 5.13.2016

Family Mother's Day Outing!
Family Mother’s Day Outing!

Plan for the week: Finish off my recovery week and start in on my second round of 3-week build for this training cycle. The plan was to take the easy days really easy and then make the hard days count….but I was only marginally successful, as I give in to peer pressure when it comes to pace.

 Saturday 5/7: Supposed to be a rest day. I was very good about not running, but ended up biking 13 miles (round trip) to meet a friend at the Oregon Historical Society library surplus sale, and got some really awesome pictures of Portland from the 1920’s.

Sunday 5/8: Biked to church, did core work, and then hung out with my parents for Mother’s Day! They both brought their bikes and we went on a bike/run together in Portland before getting dinner and frozen yogurt! This was the start of “easy” runs not being at easy pace. Run: 6 miles (avg. 7:20/mi)

Monday 5/9: Back to work. This was an easy-ish run, but still not as easy as an easy run is supposed to be. Core work in the am. Run: 8 miles (avg. 7:32/mi)

Tuesday 5/10: To the track! 7 x 400 with 300 jog at “up-tempo” pace. I was aiming for 90ish seconds. Run: 7 x 400 (82, 89, 89, 86, 88, 88, 82) = 8 miles

Wednesday 5/11: Another failed “easy” run. Run: 5 miles (avg. 7:22/mi)

Thursday 5/12: This was the day I paid the price for being terrible at easy pace. I had to run late because of work meetings, and it was 79 degrees and I was hungry by the time I went out. I was supposed to run 6-8 miles with 2 individual miles “up-tempo”. I’m still not really sure what “up-tempo” means. I certainly wasn’t going to run them the same pace I ran my 400’s on Monday…So I set out, warmed up for 3 miles, got over-heated, ran 1 mile slower than I wanted to (6:27), and then went into the woods where it would be really hard to do an interval (and my Garmin doesn’t track in the woods so my mile would end up being like a mile and a half), but then I ended up at like 7 miles and hot and dehydrated and my last mile interval was definitely at up-tempo effort, but NOT at up-tempo pace. I felt very fortunate to just break 7:00 pace… (6:51). I am clearly not heat-conditioned yet. Sigh. Run: 8+ miles (2 @ up-tempo effort)

Friday 5/13: Finally an easy run that was truly easy! I took this day off of work to just hang out and run and meet a friend and stuff like that. The run was gorgeous and at the perfect time, before it got too hot (up to 90 degrees today!). Run: 15.5 miles (trail) (2,036 ft. elevation gain)

Total Mileage: 50.5 miles

Summary: Well…I need to get acclimated to the heat. And I need to run my easy runs easier (but it’s so hard when my friends are running with me!!!). But overall, other than Thursday, a good week.

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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