Oregano’s Training Log – 2.11.2017

Twin Rocks on the Oregon Coast! That ocean is cold but also super satisfying to run in.

I would like to take this moment to celebrate another lovely running-for-the-joy-of-it week. It’s amazing how much less stressed out I am by changes to my schedule when there’s not a race looming in the horizon.

Sunday 2/5: I left you in suspense last week as to whether I would actually go running in pouring rain at 34 degrees – the answer was a lazy and resounding no. I cooked some food and sat on my couch and read a book and it was very nice.

Monday 2/6: Monday Loop! And I’m officially 31.5 years old! Run: 6 miles (7:39/mi)

Tuesday 2/7: Another WoT. This time around we did my friend’s favorite track workout but with really long rest (beacuse winter). 1600 (6:07) – 800 jog – 1200 (4:30) – 600 jog – 800 (2:57) – 400 jog – 400 (:77). This workout felt super easy and nice other than my arms going numb after I took off my layer and ran in a t-shirt. I’m really happy that my whole running group is in a similar fitness place and we can all ease back into speedwork together! Run: 7 miles

Wednesday 2/8: Easy day with friends. Run: 6 miles (7:40/mi)

Thursday 2/9: Another chatty easy day  Run: 5.5 miles (7:51/mi)

Friday 2/10: I took today off of work because I was planning to give some friends a ride to the beach in the afternoon, so I slept in (until 6:30) and ran from home on my favorite loop and then went out to brunch! Run: 8 miles (7:39/mi)

Saturday 2/11: At the beach! I tried to trail run but forgot my trail shoes and it was super muddy and steep and rooty (the trail gained 400 feet in the first 800 meters – with no warm-up) so after a couple of miles and many close calls I carefully descended and ran along the beach….through the edge of the oncoming tide. I felt like a small child splashing everywhere and it was really quite enjoyable (though my shoes are still quite wet). Run: 5 miles (let’s not talk about pace)

Total Mileage: 37.5 miles

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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