Oregano’s Training Log – 11.1.14

Run Like Hell 5k
Run Like Hell 5k

It is exciting to be writing my first training log, though transcribing the illegible entries in my running notebook is more challenging than I had anticipated. Currently I am taking a break from cycling (after a disappointing end-of-season triathlon) and am just focusing on running (and cross training with swimming) for the Fall/Winter.

This was one of the stranger running weeks of the last year. I was in San Francisco for work for three days which definitely threw off my schedule. And as a traditionally race-phobic runner, it is quite surprising that I raced twice within seven days. I think this is really good for me, and I have discovered that I experience much less mental anguish before races when there is not a six month build up and the pressure of I MUST RACE PERFECTLY OR THE LAST SIX MONTHS OF TRAINING WERE IN VAIN.

Sunday (10/26): I raced the Run Like Hell 5k in Portland. It was a somewhat wet and windy morning and the 5k was the last distance to start (75 minutes after the half, and 40 minutes after the 10k). While my A-goal was to run sub-19, the merging of the three race distances before the 1-mile marker made me reconsider, and since no one went out very fast (among the women), I decided to try for the win. I had never raced to win before, but I figured I would just settle in behind the lead woman and then eventually pass her (it wasn’t especially well thought out, again, this is totally new for me). I ended up following a couple of different women (as there was some passing and re-passing that went on) and then with about a mile to go they started fading so I took the lead and finished, feeling good, in 19:20. The morning was topped off by a fantastic breakfast out with my friends. (5 miles)

Monday (10/27): Flew to SanFrancisco for work. No running.

Morning Run under the Bay Bridge.
Morning Run under the Bay Bridge.

Tuesday (10/28): Ran with coworkers from the hotel in SanFrancisco, along the piers to Fort Mason. Morning runs are definitely not my favorite, but it was beautiful once we got to the bay. (8 miles)

Wednesday (10/29): Ran with coworkers again, in the other direction this time: under the Bay Bridge and around the MetLife Stadium. (5 miles)

Thursday (10/30): Back to Portland. Ran 5 miles easy followed by a 2K swim. (5 miles)

Friday (10/31): I took today off of work for my mom’s birthday and ran 3.5 miles easy from my house. I did not run in costume, though I passed assorted princesses, pirates, super heroes and dinosaurs. (3.5 miles)

I ran home from the XC race and found THIS happening in our front room! Also Bacon (not pictured)
I ran home from the XC race and found THIS happening in our front room! Also Bacon (not pictured)

Saturday (11/1): Stumptown Cross Country Race! I slept through my alarm and woke up a mere 50 minutes before the start. Fortunately the race was at a park only one mile from my house, so in a frantic 15 minutes I dressed, brushed my teeth, ate half a bowl of frosted mini wheats (before realizing I would not have time to digest them), drank 3/4 of a cup of tea, and gathered the essentials (keys/shoes/money). I multi-tasked my commute by jogging to the race start and arrived in enough time to register and do a few strides before the gun went off. This was the second cross country race I have ever run (the first being a few weeks ago), and I had a great time. The course was short (I hit the first mile marker at 4:52, HA!) and near the end there were spectators directing runners the wrong way (making the race about 4.4k vs. 5k). But it was fun nonetheless. Next time I will wear shoes with better traction (I slid around a lot in muddy places and the majority of the field had spikes), run harder through the second mile, and make SURE my alarm is set accurately! I came in 18th out of 56 women and I DEFINITELY recommend cross country for anyone who wants some variety in their run routine! (7.5 miles)

Overall, a varied and pleasant week!

Total Mileage – 

Swim: 2k yards

Bike: 4 miles

Run: 34 miles

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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