Oregano’s Training Log – 11.29.2014

Gourmet Cereal. This is what single people eat for dinner (frosted mini wheats + homemade granola + bananas + almond butter + milk)
Gourmet Cereal. This is what single people eat for dinner (frosted mini wheats + homemade granola + bananas + almond butter + milk)

Well, I may not have done very much running this week, but I did do a lot of eating, and that has to count for something! My calendar this holiday season is absolutely jammed full of wonderful events and parties and rehearsals and meetings EVERY SINGLE DAY. After trying (and failing) to digest it all on a monthly calendar, I’ve decided to just take it one day at a time. This may lead to a strange workout schedule (as I am generally a very plan/routine-oriented person and my routine is absolutely non-existent until January 5), but I love this season and I have decided that it’s all going to work out okay in the end.

Now onto Thanksgiving. Part of me wants to write the longest training log post of all time

Thanksgiving Feast for Four.
Thanksgiving Feast for Four.

which would include everything I am thankful for, but instead of that, I’m just going to mention a few small things which I am appreciating at this very moment: friends & family who are wonderful and who I love and who love me for who I am (however crazy I may be at any given time), the bright white color of the light on winter mornings, books that are fun to read and teach me things without my even noticing, coffee and my favorite geeky coffee mugs, having the still, silent house to myself on weekend mornings before my roommates arise, Christmas music from my childhood and the nostalgic feeling of anticipation and hope and unclouded trust that it brings to mind, and Oregon’s wonderful you-can-run-outside-363-days-of-the-year weather!

Sunday (11/23): Planned Rest Day

Monday (11/24): I took this day off of work, so one would think that I would have gotten a great workout in. . .this did not happen. Instead I watched almost the entire second season of The West Wing while doing various house chores.

Tuesday (11/25): Back to work. Ran with friends. (Run: 6.5 miles)

Wednesday (11/26): The Annual Turkey Swim! It is the swimming equivalent of a Turkey Trot, with options for multiple distances (up to 10,000 meters). I was not quite THAT enthusiastic and swam 5,000 yards with a running friend.

. . .just to continue with the "only food pictures" flavor of this post. . .
. . .just to continue with the “only food pictures” flavor of this post. . .

Thursday (11/27): Thanksgiving! I went to my parents house on Wednesday night, so was not able to participate in a Turkey Trot. I did trot around the kitchen quite a bit…not sure if that counts…

Friday (11/28): Trail run! (Run: 11 miles)

Saturday (11/29): Christmas Crafts. . .I got totally sucked in for about 6 hours and then it was too late for running. Even though this week was very low mileage, I am okay with that. I’ve been building up from triathlon season without ever really taking a break and this week was probably good for me in the long run. It’s so nice to take a break NOT because of an injury!

Total Mileage:

Swim: 5000 yards

Bike: Nope

Run: 17.5 miles (HA!!)

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