Oregano’s Training Log – 1/6/18

Mt. Tabor

New year, new training log. As mentioned in the New Year’s Goals post I am planning to run The Speed Project this year as part of a six woman team. As such, I’m going to need to start ramping up the training in the next couple of months to be ready for running 50+ miles through the desert while not sleeping for 2+ days. Sigh. Anyway, that can start next week – this week was just getting back into the routine after an amazing Christmas Break in which I ran when I wanted to and sat at my kitchen table reading and doing art projects when I didn’t want to : )

Sunday, 12/31 – 2 x 4.2 miles (7:30 pace)

New Year’s Eve! Multitasking my run today by running to and from church. It’s a great plan when it’s not raining, except for arriving at church slightly sweaty. I also took the opportunity to follow up on my unspoken New Year’s Goal of meal planning and made Vegetable Tofu Soup from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook to eat for the week. This is one of the cookbooks I grew up on and it always makes me happy to cook from it.

Monday, 1/1 – 13.5 miles easy (7:46 pace)

Due to celebrating East Coast New Year’s (while living on the West Coast) I got up nice and early and went on a long (for me) beautiful run out to my old neighborhood. I briefly considered running 18 for 2018, but decided to pass on that…

Tuesday, 1/2 – 6 miles easy (7:54 pace)

Back to work – womp. But it was great to meet up with my running buddies after a LOOOONG hiatus. I ran our normal Monday Loop easy with two of the girls on my Speed Project team.

Wednesday, 1/3 – 7.5 miles easy (7:50 pace)

I skipped Workout Wednesday as it was 11 miles with 12 x 2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow and considering my IT Band has been a bit wonky I thought it wise to not run 30 miles in 3 days. Instead I ran easy with a somewhat injured friend and a recovering from a cold friend. Also made the Radicchio/Farro Salad from Run Fast, Eat Slow which was AWESOME but gigantic and I am still eating it nearly a week later.

Thursday, 1/4 – Mini Workout (3 mile uptempo @ 6:31 pace + 800 @ 3:05) = 6.5 miles

I felt a bit guilty about skipping the workout so decided to do my own mini workout – 3 miles uptempo on the trail by my work and then I threw in a little 1 x 800 as well to spice things up. Overall I felt pretty stiff warming up, but once I got going it felt good to stretch out.

Friday, 1/5 – 8 miles easy (7:50 pace)

Regular Friday Loop in which I spent about forty minutes summarizing the first half of The Girl in Cabin 10 (an absolutely terrible book in my opinion, but entertaining to summarize). And then I made the Teff Pumpkin Pancakes from RFES for dinner (which were almost worth going to five stores in order to find teff flour).

Saturday, 1/6 – Rest Day

Went to Mt. Tabor for a little hike with my parents and made Whole Bowls for dinner! Highly Recommended!!

Total Mileage – 50 miles (actually 49.9, but I am choosing to round up)

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