Oregano’s Training Log – 1.3.2015

Mid-frolic partway up Nesmith Point trail.
Caught mid-frolic, partway up to Nesmith Point.

As the holiday season draws to a close and the gloomy mantle of no-days-off winter skulks in the shadows just ahead, I will take joy in the past week and the freedom that I had to do anything I wanted to do. . .even at the expense of mileage/general running health. . .

That is to say that traditionally I do not do a lot of hiking that includes lots of elevation gain/loss because my IT bands tighten up and then I can’t run for a period of time. But over the past week I decided to just go for it because I had free time and I wanted an adventure.

I’m paying for it now and didn’t meet my mileage goal for the week, but assuming everything straightens out in the next few days, I say it was worth it.

Sunday (12/28): My friends proposed a hike to Nesmith Point in the Columbia River

View North from the middle of a boulder field partway up Table Mountain.
View North from the middle of a boulder field partway up Table Mountain.

Gorge and I said Yes Please. Long run postponed. My rationalization for all of the hiking this week was that I want to train more for trail running, and hiking happens on a trail. We didn’t make it all the way to the top because it started to get dark and we needed to get back for church. Hike: 8 miles w/3000ft elevation gain

Monday (12/29): Planned to do a long run, but my IT band started hurting 7 miles in. Walked 1.5 miles home in the freezing cold. Not. Pleasant. Run: 7.5 miles

Tuesday (12/30): A day of stretching and PT.

Wednesday (12/31): Bike: 17 miles on trainer (while watching Call the Midwife)

Thursday (1/1): Once more I was seduced into a hike. This time up Table Mountain on the Washington side of the Gorge. It was pretty flat for the first mile and a half and then went up dramatically. I dressed warmly, but we ended up hiking through a lot of snow with decent wind (in my running shoes of course) and it was so cold my water froze. The views were absolutely beautiful and I would have taken more pictures but I had socks on my hands for extra warmth. We ended up hiking back in the dark because the sun set on our way back down (which was gorgeous until it was dark). Fortunately we were prepared for darkness with headlamps and snacks! Hike: 8 miles w/3350ft elevation gain (Table Mountain)

Beautiful (but cold and slippery!) hiking conditions!
Beautiful (but cold and slippery!) hiking conditions!

Friday (1/2): A day of stretching and learning to play Settlers of Catan.

Saturday (1/3): Trail run with a friend. IT bands are still pretty tight so we kept it short. Run: 6 miles

Total Mileage:

Run: 13.5 miles (Goal: 25 miles)

 Hike: 16 miles

Bike: 17 miles

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