Oregano’s Training Log – 1.20.2018

It ended up being a pretty low mileage week, but I was planning for it to be a lower mileage week so I am just fine with that. Overall, TSP training and Project Make The Foods are both going pretty well (with some flexibility for me being a human with a job and responsibilities).

Sunday, 1/14 – Rest Day

A lovely Sunday for resting and doing chores. Also I made the Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies from RFES, which are GREAT. I’ve been using them for a pre-run snack between breakfast and lunch and they are perfect – I will definitely make them again.

Monday, 1/15 – Rest Day

This was not an intentional rest day, but I totally destroyed my shin by running into the hidden corner of the guest bed and figured if it hurt to put weight on my leg I should probably take a day off to be safe. Though it felt like my shin totally shattered on impact, after some recovery time it seems fine and only developed the smallest and least impressive of bruises. Sigh. Also I made the quinoa salad from RFES for lunches this week (added mango and avocado and subbed green onion for red onion…oh and put in more kale than called for) and it too is excellent.

Tuesday, 1/16 – 10.1 miles easy (7:39 pace)

Back to running after a two day vacation and feeling great (other than the sore shin). I added on a bit at the beginning of the run as this week’s mileage was looking a bit thin (you know…zero miles thus far…).

Wednesday, 1/17 – Workout (6 miles up tempo) = 10 miles

After a couple of weeks doing fartlek workouts we decided to just run an uptempo 6 miles to change it up. It felt good and controlled – 6:54, 6:49, 6:45, 6:46, 6:41, 6:45.

Thursday, 1/18 – 5.5 miles recovery (8:01 pace)


Friday, 1/19 – 10 miles (7:50 pace)

Normal Friday loop + a bit extra to make 10 miles. My knee started hurting around mile 8, but it calmed down again. Hopefully it’s nothing… And after a week of eating really good (for me), I ended up having Mallow Oats (basically Lucky Charms) and a Stroopwaffel for dinner. And some spinach because health.

Saturday, 1/20 – 6 miles of Nordic Ski

Nordic Skiing with my mom! We went up to Teacup Lake and did the full perimeter loop. This was only my second ski of the year and other than some pretty terrible traffic on the way it up, it was magical and glorious.

Total Mileage – 35.6 miles (+6 miles ski)

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