Olive’s Training Log-8.14-9.2

It’s been a crazy few weeks! On August 16, we moved from San Antonio, our home for the last 11 years, to Weatherford, Texas, a town about 20 miles west of Fort Worth. There have been many emotions and changes in the past few weeks, but things seem to be settling down a bit. Best yet, we finally have internet, which means a return to Netflix and I have the ability to update my training log! It would be too long and tedious to tell you every run for the past 3 weeks, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

8.14-8.20-Moving week!

3 workouts this week which went as follows:

Tuesday-track ladder: 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400, 2×200. This was my last workout in San Antonio and I was very nostalgic throughout, but was able to hit most of my prescribed paces-85 for the 400s, 2:52 for the 800s, 6:00 for the 1600, and 40 for the 200s. My second 800 was inexplicably 2:58, but you can’t hit them all.

Thursday-3×1 mile at 6:05. I had to do this on the treadmill in the afternoon after unpacking boxes. My stomach does not enjoy afternoon workouts, but I got it done with only 1 sprint to the bathroom.

Saturday-15 mile long run. This was a huge struggle for me, and my coach attributed it to my tough week.

New town, new views.

Total-55 miles


3 workouts again this week:

Monday: 2×200 at 45, 3×800 at 2:52, 2×200 at 40. Everything went as prescribed except for the last 800 which was 2:56-I blame it on it being too dark to correctly read my watch. This was my first run on a track in Weatherford, and I was psyched to fine one that had working bathrooms and a water fountain!

Wednesday-2×2400 at 9:25 (6:17 pace). My husband had to make a quick work trip, and since the kids weren’t back to school yet I did this on the treadmill. The treadmill is really tough for me for fast intervals like this-I’m basically trying not to fall off the whole time.

Friday-Tempo-6 miles at goal half pace (6:55). This was done on the treadmill too (hubby still out of town) but it went really well compared to the last disastrous attempt at a half marathon tempo. It was a great confidence boost.

Found an awesome new trailway!

Total-53 miles


3 workouts again. My coach wants me to start making 1 or 2 of my mid-week runs medium long runs, which will ultimately make me stronger for the Houston Marathon in January. That was one change this week, in addition to my kids going back to school. I don’t have a job here yet (working on becoming a substitute teacher which will start in a few weeks), which means I have plenty of time to get runs in during the day.

Tuesday-tried to go to a new track which was closed early in the morning. That meant I was forced to do my ladder workout on the treadmill. While I hit all the paces, it was ridiculously hard on the treadmill and I was glad to be done.

Thursday-3×1 mile at 6:05. I did these in 6:05, 6:05, 6:07.

Saturday-16 mile long run, 8:07 average. This was a great run-a million times better than the previous 15.

Just me and the donkeys for 16 miles.

Total-57 miles

I am a stay at home mom and group fitness instructor from South Texas. I love reading, wine, and travel. I write about trends, injury prevention and maintenance, and satire. I am training to break 1:30 in the half marathon sometime soon, and for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

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  1. Some great weeks of training amidst the chaos of moving and everything else going on. Glad the 16 felt better than the 15, it’s amazing what a mile and a week difference can make (random but I almost always have bad 17 mile runs when I’m in marathon training. I’ll usually jump to 18 or cut to 16 to avoid 17 because of this….hahahah)