Olive’s Training Log-10.17-10.30

It’s been a crazy few weeks of training, but I’m finally coming into the home stretch of this training cycle. I’m ready to race, although I doubt it will be very fast, and I’m really ready for a break. These last 2 weeks included 2 crappy days, a missed workout, and a weekend in Florida.


Monday: 6 miles easy, 7:39 pace. In hindsight this was probably too fast. Later I taught 2 classes.

Tuesday: 1 warmup, 2×3 miles at 6:58 pace, 1 cooldown (8.75 total). This was really hard-I stopped during the 2nd set to dry heave. I’m not sure if the faster pace of my easy run and the 2 classes were too tough on my legs or if I ate something that didn’t agree with me.

Wednesday: 5 miles easy, 7:58 pace.

Thursday: 2 mile warmup, 7 miles at 7:08 pace with 1 1:00 break, .25 walk cooldown. (9.25 total). This was really hard too! I was glad to be done with it. Later I taught 3 classes.

Friday: 5 miles easy pace, no watch. Taught 1 strength class later.

Saturday: 14 miles at 8:15 pace, taught 2 classes. My grandmother passed away so my kids and I flew to Florida that night and got in at midnight.

One of my kiddos and I fuel up before the flight to Florida.
One of my kiddos and I fuel up before the flight to Florida.

Sunday: off


Monday– woke up at 3:30 Eastern to fly back home so I skipped my 6 miles. Stumbled around like a zombie the rest of the day.

Tuesday: 7 miles easy, 7:44 pace. Taught a strength training class later.

Wednesday: 1 mile warmup, 3×2 miles at 6:58 pace with .5 recovery, 1 cooldown (9 total). This was much, much better than last week’s speed workout, so hopefully that was just a fluke!

Thursday: 5 early miles easy, no watch. 3 classes later.

Friday: 1 warmup, 7 at 7:08 pace, 1 cooldown. This was way better than last week too, phew! Later I taught 1 class.

Saturday: 10 at 8:08 pace. Later taught a spin class and hosted a Halloween party.

Halloween party-ing it up!
Halloween party-ing it up!

Sunday: off

I am looking forward to getting back on schedule this week!

I am a stay at home mom and group fitness instructor from South Texas. I love reading, wine, and travel. I write about trends, injury prevention and maintenance, and satire. I am training to break 1:30 in the half marathon sometime soon, and for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

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