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It rained a lot and I realized the shoe/jacket combo I'd been wearing for 4 months actually MATCHES. Whaaaaa?
It rained a lot and I realized the shoe/jacket combo I’d been wearing for 4 months actually MATCHES. Whaaaaa?

Highest mileage week EVER in the books! YAY!

I didn’t have any deadlines on web development work, so when I was offered two days on a commercial I took it and wound up working 13 hours and 15 hours. After shuffling things around for that, I got a last minute offer for a TV show on Friday and…well…I always need the money, and it sounded like an easy day that would leave me in a good position to do my planned ten miles anyway. 16 hours of climbing through piles of loose bricks and dust later, I didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning and…well… I wound up falling asleep disappointed that I couldn’t make it happen. The hardest part of this higher mileage is that I’m learning that it requires a lot more sleep than I’m used to!

Saturday morning I was physically kind of a wreck and spent most of the morning kvetching and putting off my tempo run, but knowing that this tempo/easy 10/long run combo is one of the most integral few days of my training plan, I gritted my teeth and got it done. While running I figured out that, since next week is less intense, I could make it an 8 day week by not worrying too much over the two days off, doing my long run on Monday and shuffling the rest.

Arg, freelance life: you think you’ll be able to choose your battles, but your wallet usually ends up choosing for you.

My instinct is to qualify, to say that it’s not REALLY my highest mileage week, or that it doesn’t quite count because I took two days off or whatever, but the truth of the matter is that I got it done in spite of the challenges presented. If I’d known at the beginning of the week (or even more than one day before) that I’d be working or what kind of hours I was looking at I would certainly have tacked on more mileage to Monday to help offset, and I definitely didn’t know I’d have work on Friday or I’d definitely have sucked it up and done some easy miles on Tuesday. But it is what it is and I scrambled and made it work. Now for some ice and a big glass of OJ. Mmm.

Monday – 8 miles, I was really feeling rough and by the end just…didn’t want to do it anymore. Didn’t get the commercial call until afterward or I think I would have rallied for a few extra.

Tuesday – opted to get some dev work done after my 13 hour day instead of running. This was a clutch mistake, since I should have either run or slept.

Wednesday – After another long workday and not much sleep I made it to the treadmill at least! I wound up cutting the strength workout short around 12:30 am from tiredness – I’d been awake for 19 hours. 7 miles, including 2x2mile repeats.

Thursday – A gorgeous, peaceful 10 miles around the northern tip of Manhattan

Friday – 15 hours of shuffling around small spaces and climbing through piles of rubble, plus lunch. And someone kept throwing out my coffee every time I made one. Mentally taxed.

Saturday – CRUSHED the tempo! 10 miles just below marathon pace with a nice warmup and cool down. Total 12.5

Sunday – split mileage between a nice morning 3 mile shakeout and an afternoon 6 mile jaunt in the park. Total 9

Monday – 20!! 20 20 20 20 20!!! In spite of Bertha telling me I didn’t want to do it and convincing me to wait until the very last possible moment, I put on my big girl shorts and got my ass out the door and just ran. I struggled the first few miles to keep myself at an easy pace, but once I got past three, I let it fly and it was surprisingly easy to stick to a sub-9:20. I ran across the Highbridge to the Bronx and way north, then back across the Harlem River to Manhattan, around the very northern tip of Inwood and then allllllll the way down to the Battery. It made for a chilly and uncomfortable Subway ride home, but it was so nifty to run the whole length of the island!

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