Molasses Training Log – 9.8.13

Sunday, ah, a day of rest. I supplemented my post-race muscles with some yard work and a warm bath.

Monday I was back in the saddle again. I ran during the kids’ soccer practice: six sub-two minute quarter-mile intervals with quarter-mile recoveries in between each. I thought I would do more, but I was just getting back to the soccer complex after finishing the third mile and saw one of the moms who I’ve been wanting to gossip run with. I jumped in with her for the last two miles and dubbed it my cool down. My calves are still moo-ing from the brutal hills of Saturday’s race.

The calves they were a-mooing!  (image courtesy of
The calves they were a-mooing!
(image courtesy of

Tuesday was day one of cross-training. I did the P90X Chest and Back video, followed by Ab Ripper X. I’m sure there are better ways to cross train for running, but I don’t have any muscle strength, or a working bicycle, or access to a swimming pool, or a gym membership. At least this way I can address one of those issues, and work on my overall strength and fitness rather than just my running.

Wednesday I was planning on having a running buddy meet me during soccer practice, but she bailed, leaving me available to do a tempo run rather than an easy run (awesome!!). I ramped up for two slow, slightly uphill miles, and then did three miles at approximately my 10K pace (well, okay, not really…I did a mile very much slower, a mile just about at and a mile faster, but it averaged out!), followed by a slow and easy cool down mile. Like it always does, P90X left me sore, especially my hip flexors.

Thursday. Oh. my. gosh. This week is taking its toll! Last night I had longer than a six hour opening in my schedule to sleep, for the first time this week. I planned on sleeping eight hours and feeling great today! I was in bed for eight hours Wednesday night, but I’ll be darned if it wasn’t the worst sleep I’ve gotten all week. Grumble grumble grumble. Work day followed by company happy hour that ran long (well, I had to stay a little longer…have you ever had a Moscow Mule? They’re delicious!) followed by dinner and suddenly it’s 9:00 PM. And the kids still have homework they need help with. Today was a mental workout, and a test of my (oh-so-tired) fortitude. No workout.

Friday I woke from another restless night (WTH??) with a very stiff neck. P90x Plyometrics today. This has got to be the best workout for running strength, with all of the squats and impact…I was pouring sweat! Did an Ab Ripper X too, because I need the core/hip strength. My first 10K in the Distance Challenge series is only 3 weeks away!

Saturday I did more yard work. Not your everyday run-of-the-mill weeding and gardening either. We’re talking hard core (pun intended) rock moving and mulch loading, here. I went through two shirts and lots of gatorade, so I’m cheating and saying this was a workout. On a side note, yesterday’s P90X left me much less sore than last time.

Spent the day harvesting flat rocks and mulch. Good crop this year!
Spent the day harvesting flat rocks and mulch. Good crop this year!

Sunday. Seven easy miles with an eighth mile of hill repeats. Last week’s race proved that I need more hill work. My hill isn’t quite as serious as the hills were on race day, but it was enough that I was doing some serious huffing and puffing by the top I reached the top.


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