Molasses Training Log 9.28.14

Oh my gosh what a crazy week! I may not have run much, but you definitely can’t say I didn’t get a mental and physical workout. It was one of those weeks when you’re burning the candle at both ends – I had one HUGE presentation to a Board of Directors to wrap up a really awesome project that I’ve been working on since 2008, and then another surprise presentation got sprung on me that wasn’t even mine. I did them both just fine, but my brain was FRIED!

Thursday I finally got back to caving again (yes I get to crawl around in caves for work, it’s awesome!), which is more than enough of a workout for one day, believe me. That type of work awakens muscles you never knew existed.

I'm smiling because I got in, so I KNOW I can get out!
I’m smiling because I got in, so I KNOW I can get out!

Friday I got a little bit of a run in, 3.75 miles, amidst running all over the planet to prep to go out of town for a wedding.

The wedding was Saturday, and it was a blast! Let me tell you loud and clear I. Do. Not. Dance. ย Well, apparently Molasses and vodka go well together, because I discovered at some point late into the evening that I do, in fact, dance – or some embarrassing semblance thereof. I woke up very sore on Sunday morning.

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