Molasses Training Log – 9.22.2013

I started the week strong but really let life get in the way of doing any sort of workouts near the end of the week. I know it comes with having an irregular job, but it’s still frustrating :-/.

I’m dealing with two personal challenges this week. The first is – how do I know if I’m ready to try a marathon? I ran my longest distance ever and it was surprisingly easy, but it may be forcing me to acknowledge that I’m ready for something I’ve been avoiding. The second is not comparing myself to the amazing runners I have the privilege of blogging with. 9-minute miles are fast for me.

Sunday: 15 epic miles

Monday: Yesterday’s epic run has me thinking evil thoughts and doing evil things. Like ditching my half-marathon training plan in favor of a marathon training plan. Key Run 1: six repeats of 1:00 at a goal pace of about 8:00/mile followed by 3:00 recovery. I exceeded my goal pace with every repeat (some by a lot) and then, when I was finished, picked up another soccer mom who needed to get her 2 miles in, which I gladly ran with her. Total run was just over 7 miles at an average 9:45 pace.

Tuesday: finally a rest day that I deserve!

Wednesday: 2-2-2 tempo run, with a goal pace of 9:00 for the middle two miles. I hit them at 8:28 and 8:30 ๐Ÿ™‚ย I felt good at the end so kicked it up for an extra mile. Total distance: 7 miles. Average pace: 9:17.

Thursday: 12 hour workday+kids+laundry = no run for Mo

Friday: 15 hour workday means another missed run

Saturday: And it doesn’t stop! Family obligations from 7:30 a.m. until all hours of the night… no run. I probably could have gotten up earlier and gotten one in, but the last two days have been grueling, and I would rather take the sleep to the ol’ immune system bank. Tomorrow is a new day…

Hectic day at the office...
A couple of hectic days in a row left me stressed and tired and needing a run almost more than anything.. (Photo credit: ktpupp)
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  1. Hey lady, 9 minutes is fast for me too, and even TEN minute miles still feel fast on most days! You’re not alone!

    But what I really wanted to mention is that there’s no reason to run a race you don’t want to run. Just ’cause everyone else is doing it doesn’t make the marathon the be all end all of running goals; you can never once touch a marathon and still have a very fulfilling racing career.

    That said…they really are fun, if you just let go and race your best, without worrying too much about the time goal.

    Hmm. That’s good advice for Sunday. Hey thanks!

  2. Cinnamon…thank you for the pep talk! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one out there who can’t run six minute miles ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for your mention of not having to run a race I don’t want to run – that’s sort of just the problem. I’ve always wanted to, but I’m a big ole pansy, and if I could “only” run a half-marathon then I could keep convincing myself that I “just wasn’t ready” to train for anything longer. My breakthrough run took away an excuse to be afraid, part of me is scared to step out of my comfy little box. It’ll be fun seeing where this new enlightenment takes me.