Molasses Training Log 9.21.14

I’m still working my way back into it, and running more just for fitness and mental stability than anything else these days. I’m less focused on the run itself than I am focused on getting a workout. I tend to cycle like this every few years, but lately it’s every week or two I feel deadly serious about it or pretty meh. This week I’m pretty meh.


Monday (9/15) – Insanity Cardio Recovery (resistance)

Tuesday (9/16) – 12-minute athlete app 16 minute workout: 30 seconds each of burpees, tuck jumps, walking lunches, 180 degree squat jumps and V-ups with 10 second breaks in between each. For a short workout, this had me sweating like crazy.

Wednesday (9/17) – Easy run through the neighborhood. 4.5 miles nice and slow.

Saturday (9/20) – Another easy one – 3.4 miles in a slow steady loop.

Sunday (9/21) – I didn’t make yesterday’s group/long run so I headed out to the “trail” – which is actually a beautifully kept wide, even path paved with decomposed granite with almost zero hazards – and enjoyed my first seven mile run in a long time I was glad to break the distance threshold again, but I waited too late in the day and it ended up being hot! hot! hot!

A 30-something runner striving to hit that ever-elusive BQ. Mother of two young teens, fan of fantasy/fiction/sci-fi (<-read: geek), with a fascination for tortoises and a love of the outdoors.

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