Molasses Training Log – 11.11.13

Oh my oh my. Must train. Vacation coming up. Must cross-train. Must do.

Monday (11/11) – Soccer practice got cancelled. This means there’s nowhere lighted for me to run ๐Ÿ™ I got home just a bit before dark and I was able to squeeze in just over 3.5 miles, at a 9:01 pace. Nothing special, but better than nothing!

Wednesday (11/13)ย – Hooray for soccer practice! Started running with no particular workout or goal in mind. After three miles between a 9 and 10 minute pace, I decided to pick it up and hit the last two miles at 8:46 and 7:41, respectively. That’s easy running for lots of you, but for me that’s pretty good, and I’m proud of it!

Saturday (11/16) – You’re not going to believe this (because I hardly do). I RAN 20 MILES! AT ONCE! I totally hit a wall at mile 18, I don’t know how to fuel and I don’t really know how to handle distances like this, but I RAN 20 MILES! AT ONCE! Do you want me to say it just one more time? I RAN 20 MILES! AT ONCE!ย I finished, I sat down on my driveway (yea, I know you’re not supposed to sit. I didn’t have a choice…I was lucky to have made it to the driveway) and I bawled my eyes out. It wasn’t joy or triumph. It wasn’t pain, really. I don’t really know what it was. Somehow, it felt like defeat (at the time). But by later that day, when I convinced myself I would, in fact, survive, even without a nap because we had soccer games and a social event to attend, I felt proud. And tired. And on Sunday – I was exhausted and bitchy.

[pullquote]Oh yea, and in case you didn’t hear – I ran 20 miles! At once![/pullquote]

Crying child
This is pretty much how I felt after…I RAN 20 MILES! AT ONCE! (Photo credit: Creative Donkey)
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