Mint’s Training Logs – 8.25.13 and 9.1.13

Definitely rad.
Definitely rad.

My fall half marathon training is rolling along and I anticipate I will move out of easy, base-building and into some serious workouts pretty soon.  Why do I think this?  Because I just finished a recovery week and if I know my coach like I think I do, I suspect I’ll have to start putting in some hard work very, very soon.  I am ready for it too!

Week of 8.25: 

Monday is a rest day, but I did  arm weights.  My shoulders are very slowly starting to recover and my range of motion is improving.

Tuesday I ran an hour easy  with 4 strides – 7 miles / 8:48 pace.

Wednesday I did arm weights again and ran 30 minutes easy on the trail with my son after work. 3.4 miles / 8:51 pace.

Thursday I ran just over an hour.  It was hot – even in the early morning and almost 100% humidity.  Ick.  7.2 miles / 8:56 pace.

Friday I was scheduled for 30 minutes, but I skipped it.  No good reason for it.  For some reason those super short runs are too easy for me to skip.  Fortunately, I will be done with them soon as my training progresses.

Saturday I was scheduled for 30 minutes again, but bumped it up to 60 since I skipped Friday’s workout.  7 miles with 4 strides / 8:43.

Sunday I had an hour and fifty minutes on tap.  Unfortunately it was hot and humid.  I struggled from the beginning of the run and ultimately pulled the plug early.  I had stopped at home to get water, and immediately got a wicked headache and the chills.  Decided to be smart and call it quits.  It made me crazy not to meet my scheduled workout, but I was feeling awful.    84 minutes / 9.3 miles / 9:05 pace

Total:  33.9 miles

Week of 9.1.13 (Recovery Week):

Monday  is my rest day, but I did arm weights.

Tuesday I also rested because it was insanely hot and humid.  My coach hadn’t gotten a workout to me by the  morning and it was way too horrible to run in the evening (95 degrees and humid).

Wednesday I ran just over 30 minutes / 3.6 miles / 9:03 pace.

Thursday I ran 50 minutes with 4 strides / 5.6 miles / 8:51 pace.

Friday I ran 30 minutes easy / 3.4 miles / 8:55 pace.  Once again, it was super humid.

Saturday the entire family did the Color Me Rad 5k race.  It was SO much fun!  I ran with my youngest son and we were moving along pretty nicely.  Not sure of the exact time as I did not wear a watch, but I’d guess we were around 25 minutes.

Sunday we had family in town visiting and a big breakfast scheduled.  We also had late afternoon/evening plans, which meant I ended up having to get my run in during the heat of the day.  It was 84 degrees and 70% humidity.  Translated = total suffer fest.  But I put the work in with a few water stops to let my HR drop.  10.1 miles / 8:56 pace.

Total: 25.8 miles

I am looking forward to getting into heftier training in the coming weeks!  I will admit though, that I was at first disappointed to see my coach had scheduled me for a super light week last week after only 40 mile and 33 mile weeks.  However, I felt really good by the end and know it will position me well for what is just around  the bend.  Stay tuned…..

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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