Mint’s Training Log – 7.29.12

It’s week 7 of my Chicago Marathon training. After cutting back a bit the last 2 weeks for the Capitol Mile, this week I started getting back into marathon training mode.  Unfortunately since we were planning to go out of town this weekend, I also had to switch things up some.

Monday is my rest day.

Tuesday I was scheduled to run tempo intervals.  The exciting thing is that my coach is speeding me up with these this season (7:08 pace rather than last season’s 7:17 pace).  However, our Miler in Training program was extended since 2 workouts had been cancelled.  So coach allowed me to scrap my tempo intervals and run hard with the group.  We ended up running 800s at 5k pace; 200s hard.  I had sore legs as it was from the Capitol Mile and we ran all of our intervals way too fast.  Oops.  We did have a blast though.  Got in just over 7 miles total.

Wednesday I was feeling my 2 hard workouts in a row – OUCH.   I ran just over 8.5 miles, but slowed it way down since I was so sore.

Thursday I ran 16 miles.  It was warm, humid and hard given I haven’t run long in weeks and haven’t run 16 in months.

Friday however, I was beat.  I was sore, I was chafed, it was not pretty.  So I decided to take a rest day.

That meant a double for Saturday.  I got up an ran an hour (6.7 miles).  We then drove to Green Bay to do the Packers 5k!  This is the second year in a row my family and friends have gone to do it.  James, Jake and I were all gunning for hardware.  John is finally coming back from his back injury and was hoping to just run it.  Unfortunately, we got there and they told us we could register (aka they’d happily take our $100), but we could not get bib numbers or chips.  I almost cried.  Really?  But I know it was my own darn fault for not preregistering and at least they were letting us run (I would have cried if they said they were completely closed).  I decided I’d run with James and try to push him to a great 5k since I know he has one in him, but had a disappointing mile.  Well, Jake wanted me to run with him, so I did and James ran with John.  Ended up with 27:07 and a second loop around Lambeau to assist Jake with a perfectly executed Lambeau Leap.  Very fun.  With w/u and c/d, I ended up with 5.7 more miles.  I have to admit I was bummed when I saw the results this morning.  The winner in my AG (35-39) was 22:08.  I know I would have beaten that if I could have officially raced it.  Boo.  The good news was my friend Michelle did win her AG and set a PR – woot!  The prizes were footballs too, which is pretty awesome!

Sunday we drove home and I set out for my tempo intervals.  I was scheduled for 12 x .25 miles @ 7:08 pace; .25 recoveries.  My intervals were all a little fast, but it was nice to get at them and start trying to find the correct pace.  I know I will be logging a lot of miles at 7:08 pace in the coming weeks!

Total:  54 miles and change.  Woot.

Now off to enjoy a nice steak for my birthday dinner!  Cheers.


Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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