Mint’s Training Log – 8.11.13

It is great to have a new goal in place!
It is great to have a new goal in place!

I am pleased to report that I have officially put a new game plan in place for this Fall.  I am slowly building back my base, but know that I don’t have enough time to put in to have a stellar marathon.  So I am now shooting for another half – the Tyranena Beer Run Half on 11.2.13.

I met with my coach on Friday and we decided that was a good plan.  The best news is that my sister is also doing the race and we haven’t done the same race in a LONG time.

This week wasn’t a big one, but I was able to put in some work while managing a still very busy work schedule.  Here it is by the numbers:

Monday is my rest day.

Tuesday is not usually a rest day, but I was slammed at work and needed to make that a priority.  So it became a rest day.

Wednesday I ran just over an hour – 7 miles / 9:06 pace.  I almost cut it short, but reminded myself I need to get back into a strong training mindset.

Thursday morning was fantastic.  60 degrees and no humidity.  9 miles / 9:07 pace.  I would have made it 10, but didn’t have any more time.

Friday I was dog tired, but I forced myself to get out there and get it done.  5.1 miles / 9:09 pace.

Saturday we had family in town, so I skipped the run to have lots of family time.

Sunday I ran 10 miles / 9:12 pace.  This was my first double-digit run in MONTHS.  It was hard and feel like I have SO far to go to get into shape, but it was awesome to get it done.

Total: 31.1 miles

Hopefully I’ll get in a couple more base-building weeks and then I’ll be able to start getting some real quality in.

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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