Mint’s Training Log – 4.27.14 – Taper Week 2

The family that races together wears funky socks together. ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of people hate tapering.

Not me. ย Bring on the taper! ย  I love getting a little more sleep and having shorter, but still uptempo workouts.

Monday is my rest day, but I fully activated my racing excitement by watching the Boston Marathon while working Monday morning!

Tuesdayย I was scheduled for a marathon pace run. ย 75 minutes with a 5 minute warm up; 6 miles at 8:05-8:23 pace; 5 minute cool down with strides. ย It was a beautiful morning and my MP miles were slightly faster than that with my last mile at a 7:40 pace. ย Great way to start the week! ย 75 minutes / 9.3 miles / 8:06 overall average pace.

Wednesday I was scheduled for 20 minutes easy. ย I slept in, however, and ran only at Girls on the Run. Not sure how far or how fast, but I definitely had fun.

Thursday I had a strength workout on tap. ย 10 minute warm up; 3 miles at 7:45 pace; 10 minute cool down with strides. ย I slept in again, but woke up with wicked seasonal allergies, which made this workout a little tougher. ย But I got it done. ย 45 minutes / 5.6 miles / 8:02 average overall pace.

Friday I had an off day, but I wanted to keep my legs loose and wanted to make up for not officially logging any miles on Wednesday. ย Did an easy loop – 27 minutes / 3.2 miles / 8:48 average pace.

Saturday my family went downtown to run the Crazylegs Classic. ย I’ve done this race many times and usually it is cold, raining and windy. ย This year, however, it was sunny, 50 degrees and awesome! ย I paired up with my oldest son and my husband paired up with our youngest (and it was his first race over 3k distance). ย My oldest son and I did the race 2 years ago in 40 minutes. ย He is much faster now, but his hamstring has been bothering him and I am tapering, so we decided we’d go easy. ย Then we said 8:00 pace. ย Today, we said we’d go 7:45. ย Well, it has a few crazy hills, but we nailed our pacing! ย 38:30 (him) / 38:37 (me – what? ย I don’t have the same finishing kick a 12 year old does!) – 8k – 7:45 average pace.

Sunday I had 60 minutes on tap. ย It was insanely windy, so my first mile was very fast. ย Fun fun with 25 mph winds (not so fun sitting through a soccer game in said winds). ย 62 minutes / 7.13 miles/ 8:42 pace.

Total: 4:08:39 / 30.3 miles

Next time you read my training log, I’ll have completed my 15th marathon. ย Wish me luck and please send me strong, healthy vibes!



Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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