Mint’s Training Log – 2.9.14

This week was rough.  No sugar to coat or even toss around here.  But it’s over and we made it through.

Monday is my rest day.  I went in to work early and after a couple hours I received a shocking e-mail:  one of my beloved Girls on the Run girls lost her dad unexpectedly in the night.  Not only am I super close to my GOTR girl (now alum), I had come to know the family well.  I was and am truly heart-broken for them (understatement).

Tuesday I had not yet received my training plan from my coach, but, truth be told, I know I wouldn’t have run anyway.  It was the day we had to put down our sweet, feisty, beautiful and abundantly loved cat.  She lived a very long life.  We met her 16  years ago in Gainesville, Florida when she was homeless.  At the time the vet told us she was between 3-6 years old.  That means she was somewhere between 19 and 22 years old.  She lived a long, healthy awesome life.  Watching it end (and being part of the decision) was nothing short of totally brutal for me personally.  Helping my kids navigate their feelings after a loss of someone they love that they’ve never lived a day without = indescribably painful (understatement).

Our sweet girl.
Our sweet girl.

By Wednesday I still had no plan from my coach and felt super behind on work after a very tumultuous Monday and Tuesday.  So I did 30 minutes easy on the treadmill and hit the office early.  3.36 miles (8:56 pace).

Thursday I had a plan and I was ready to work off some of the sadness and shock of the week.  Coach ordered 50 minutes – 10 minute warm up; 4 miles at tempo (7:35-7:45) and 10 minutes cool down.  Ah, just what the doctor ordered.  The tempo pace was rather slow, but perfect for just getting started – it was hard, but doable.  And I know in a few weeks, that pace will be marathon pace, not tempo pace.  That is exciting.  6.3 miles / 8:03 overall average pace.

Thursday evening, I received notice that another friend – who is also a devoted husband and father of 2 local girls – was killed in a horrific car crash.  Heart breaking and shocking (understatement).

Friday I got up bright and early, determined to get my run in.  Tragedy will not derail me this week!!  I was scheduled for 40 minutes easy, but since my husband had to go in early, I had to cut it short at 30 minutes to get the boys up and ready for school.  3.5 miles / 8:48 pace.

Saturday I was well-intentioned in getting a 40 minute run in.  But I had several dozen sandwiches to make, a (very moving) funeral, and 2 basketball games.  The day got away from me, and no run was had.  Given it was such a light week, I decided I’d call my first real training week back a cut-back week.

But I can’t cut back too much.  So on Sunday I ran my full long run as scheduled.  2 hours 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Boom!  16.3 miles (8:55 pace).  It wasn’t too bad mentally and it was some good therapy after a ridiculously unfair and hard to comprehend week.  This felt nothing short of bad @ss (understatement) since it was my longest run since my big PR marathon in Chicago in October 2012.

65 laps on the treadmill, baby!
65 laps on the treadmill, baby!

Total: just a hair under 30 miles

Tomorrow is a new week.  I hope we all have a great one.


Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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