Mint’s Training Log – 04.21.13

I have to admit I feel odd writing my training log this week when it feels so insignificant compared to everything going on in our country.  But the show must go on and we need to continue living our lives.   So onward we go.  


Race day is drawing near.  This week was almost a repeat of last week as far as volume and quality go given that we decided to change my goal race and add an extra week of taper into my schedule.  The main difference was that I did not skip any of my runs so my volume was slightly higher.  I moved some workouts around, but I put in all of the work.

Monday – rest day / arm weights.  I watched the Boston Marathon with delight (although I missed the elite finish due to a client meeting) and tracked all of my friends, many of whom RoCkEd the course (woot!).  I spent the rest of the day watching the horror of the bombings unfold.  Add to that, my sister-in-law who is currently battling an aggressive form of breast cancer, received more crazy medical news.  Hard day and I felt completely knocked off my feet.

Tuesday – I was scheduled for a speed workout, but I just didn’t feel like I could concentrate on it.  It didn’t seem to matter.  I couldn’t drag myself out of bed in the unrelenting cold to put in a hard workout.  So I just ran 4 miles after work.  I threw on my 2010 Boston shirt and tried to feel strength and hope for all those affected by the tragic events.  34 minutes / 4 miles / 8:33 pace.

Wednesday – I reminded myself that the show must go on.  My goal race is a week and a half away and now is not the time to fade away due to sadness.  Doing so lets the terrorists win.  They will not win.  So I hit the streets for my tempo workout.  10 minute warm up (9:03 pace); 2 x 1 mile (7:16; 7:11) with 2 minute recoveries; 3 x .125 (6:38, 6:03; 6:18); 1 mile @ 7:12; cool down with 4 striders.  I noticed that it was hard for me to find my paces.  Clearly that is the down side to doing so much speed work on the treadmill this season.   50 minutes / 6.42 miles / 7:51 average pace.

Thursday – I did my arm weights and ran after work again.   Super windy run on the trail.   31:50 / 3.58 / 8:56 average pace.

Friday – I was scheduled for a tempo workout, but woke to howling wind and rain.  Decided I’d wait until Saturday when it was forecast to be much nicer to get that work in.  The best news was a friend e-mailed me that day and asked me if I wanted to run.  Score!  I’d have a training partner for my hard workout too!  So I just ran easy after work.  31:45 / 3.58 miles / 8:53 pace.

Saturday – I met my friend in sunny, but cold (28 degrees) weather.  We did just over a 10 minute warm up, then did 40 minutes at tempo pace.  We were supposed to be at 7:40 pace and came in at 7:43 average pace.  I was not disappointed with being slightly slow given that we picked a very hilly route and chatted the whole time.  We then did 4 x .125 repeats.  We were planning to run at 6:17 pace, but we ended up ripping them up at 5:35 – 5:50 pace.  We then did a 15 minute cool down.  When I finished, the half marathon I had been planning to race was going on, so I spectated and cheered for the runners for a while.   I am pleased to say the friend I gave my bib to helped pace another friend to her first half marathon.  Awesome.  70 minutes / 8.81 miles / 7:52 average pace.

Sunday – I woke up with a massive headache the head cold my son had all week.  In fact, I had to take him to the urgent care late Saturday night because he developed a severe ear infection pretty suddenly.  So now my focus is on nipping this cold in the bud and staying as strong as possible.  Part of that plan included taking a nice mid-day nap.  🙂  60 minute / 6.67 miles / 9:05 pace.  One week until race day!

Total: 33 miles (4 hours; 38 minutes)

Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon April 25-27 2013

Next weekend, we race!  Friday night the boys are doing the 5k and Saturday I am doing the half.  My bib number is 10948.  Sounds like a great number to me!  I can’t wait!  But to be honest, I’ll admit I have been constantly second-guessing my training this season and my decision to change my goal race.  So I am trying hard to get my head in the game so I can race my very best.  It is what is is, the hay is in the barn.  I need to trust my training, trust my coach, and go get it.

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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