Mint’s Training Log – 04.14.2013

Taking a cue from one of my awesome Girls on the Run. Sometimes 3rd graders know best.

Last week was intense. This week was admittedly a bit of a derailment.

Work was intense, I was busy with my family, I was busy with Girls on the Run (GOTR), and family health issues caused stress levels to explode all around (cancer sucks!).  While I am accustomed to juggling many things, the proverbial straw smashed the camel’s back this week.

The good news is that as far as my training is concerned, I truly believe that I ultimately ended up in a better place than I have been in weeks.  So maybe there is a silver lining after all?

Let me explain.  Last week I cut back volume a little (5ish miles), but this week I started a relatively substantial taper.  I’ll admit I’ve never trained for a half before, so I really didn’t think I’d taper until the week of the race.  But I listened to my coach and followed his schedule.

Sort of.

Monday was my scheduled rest day.  I did arm weights and core work and ran a bit with my fabulous GOTR girls.

Tuesday I was scheduled for a speed workout.  But I was tired and stressed out, so I decided Monday night I’d swap out Tuesday’s hard workout with Wednesday’s easy 30 minute run.  Moment of full disclosure:  alright, I’ll admit it, I am TERRIBLE when it comes to scheduled 30 minute runs.  30 minutes? How much benefit can you get from 30 minutes?  Wouldn’t 30 minutes of sleep be even better?   Result: I ignored my schedule and slept in.  I could always make it up in the evening, right?  Wrong.  With life obligations blowing up a bit on Tuesday night (and that same 30 minute mentality), I never got my run in.

Wednesday I did get up early to do my scheduled tempo workout.  It was storming (lightning and thunder) so again I hit the treadmill.  10 minute easy warm up; 30 minutes at my easier tempo (7:35); 10 minute cool down.  The workout went fine, but I was tired.  51:33 / 6.5 miles / 7:56 pace.  Wednesday night, I ran easy with my GOTR girls again and loosened up my legs a bit.

Thursday I set my alarm to get up but was completely exhausted.  I had movie theater dreams as I call them, where they are so vivid and intense it feels like you didn’t sleep at all.  Intense.  The light rain made me hit the alarm again.  I was only scheduled for 30 minutes – I can do it later, right?  Wrong.

Friday I was sore.  And tired.  And had a bit of a stomach bug.  What is going on?  Finally it dawned on me that the muscle soreness was due to normal taper stuff.  Duh.  Even though I wasn’t marathon training, my mileage was actually the equivalent of what many marathon runners do.  Aha moment is appreciated.  It is cold and rainy, but I got a decent run in.  Decided not to push the speed work with my touchy tummy and tired legs.  45 minutes / 5 miles / 8:59 pace.

Saturday I was still sore.  I didn’t even bother putting on my HRM because I knew it would be ugly.  My *long* run for the week was 60 minutes with 4 striders, so I headed out and got it done.  My feet, calves and hamstrings were sore, but otherwise I felt fine.   60 minutes / 6.85 miles / 8:49 pace.

*** I bit the bullet and e-mailed my coach about my race next Saturday.  I don’t feel on mentally, the trail it is being run on is a disaster due to the rain/freeze pattern, and the race organizers are allowing WAY too many runners for an out and back on a rails-to-trails course.  I asked him whether it was advisable to stretch on one more week so I can run the Illinois Half Marathon the week later.

Does this trail look ready for 800 runners on an out-and back course for a half?
Does this trail look ready for 800 runners on an out-and back course for a half?

Sunday my coach agreed with me.  Plans are changing.  I ran 3 miles on the trail with my boy.  In some places it was fine, but in others, it was awful.  Pitted, tire tracks, foot prints made for a mess.  If my feet and ankles are sore after 3 miles slow, how am I supposed to race 13.1?  I felt I was making the right decision.  64 minutes / 7.3 miles with 4 strides / 8:49 pace.

Total:  3 hours and 41 minutes / 25.7 miles.

Yes, it was a weak sauce week, but much needed turn around.

On another note:

GO BOSTON MARATHONERS!  Every time I had a swift tail wind this week, I kept hoping you’d have the same if there was any wind on Marathon Monday.  Fleet feet and full hearts.  Go get ’em!


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Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sassafras. It has been such a rough couple of weeks, it is nice to hear you think I am not off base. Although I realize it may not be optimal, it is optimal for this season. Big difference and I feel glad to have reached that place. Plus, now I get to travel with my family for the race! They are all doing the 5k!