Mint’s PT Log – 11.24.13

Chiropractor (Photo credit: doctorwonder)

Last week I emerged from the shadows to admit that my injury had gotten the best of me.  From the get-go, many of you encouraged me to seek medical help, a chiro, massage, etc., but I ignored it.  I know, I am stubborn and you were right (thank you by the way)…

I didn’t ignore your advice because I didn’t believe your opinions, but I was BUSY.  And, being the eternal optimist, I knew if I gave it time, I’d be fine.  After months of pain and life finally slowing down a tiny bit, I bit the bullet and went to a sports chiropractor and physical therapist last Wednesday.

He told me a bit of what I knew, and also diagnosed my shoulder injury, which had frankly stumped me.  He cracked the hell out of my back and I thought he was trying assassinate me when he cracked my neck (I am still not over that).  I had a printed out sheet with a diagnosis (rolled-in shoulders – this is not the right terminology, but the essence).  Since I was there, I also asked him to check out my wicked tight hamstrings.  Diagnosis = week glutes.

It was a HUGE break through.

Not because of the diagnosis, but it was a kick in the pants.  I’ve been living in dull pain for months and now I am totally devoted to fixing it.   I’ve religiously done my PT exercises and have started doing my pilates again.  I used to be religious about it.  I was flexible and in seriously great shape.  But as my mileage increased (with my hours at work), I kicked pilates to the curb.  But we all know core strength is key.

I did it twice this weekend and it was so hard.  And I realize how inflexible I am compared to Mint 5-6 years ago.  The fire has been lit though, and I am committed to getting back into great shape (and losing 8-10 lbs).  I plan to have low mileage through the end of December, but I will be in sick shape by then hopefully.  Stay tuned.

M-T: rest

W: PT/chiro

R: PT exercises

F: PT exercises

Sa: 5 miles easy in the COLD (15 degrees); buns/thighs pilates and PT

Su: PT; advanced pilates

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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