Mint’s Derailment Log – 6.10.13 and 6.17.13

IMGP9231I was getting back into the swing of things pretty well for a while there.  By the end of May, I was back up to 50 miles a week.

That was fantastic until I smacked my noggin on Memorial Day and got sidelined (yes, I am still a bit embarrassed about this by the way)…

Then my husband started approaching a 2 week trial and my own work started to blow up.  I love being busy, but we hit the perfect storm of crazy.  I won’t bore you with my personal details, but I will share my training (derailment) log:

Week ending 6.10.13 – this was supposed to be my first official week of training for the Columbus Marathon.  I was scheduled for 7 hours and 10 minutes with 3 hard workouts.  I did not come close.

Monday is my rest day.

Tuesday I ran 60 minutes easy – 6.6 miles (9:11 pace).  Still slow, but I was trying to go super easy with my sore noggin/headaches.

Wednesday I ran 45 minutes easy – 5 miles (9:05 pace).

Thursday and Friday I threw in the towel and decided I needed a few more rest days.  I was having dull headaches all day after my runs and I knew I had to run my season-end 5k with one 5th grader who had a specific goal.  I couldn’t let her down and I knew extra miles were not going to help, so I took a couple of days off.

Saturday was my season-end 5k for GOTR and is was FaBuLoUs.  My and my running partner ripped it up (26:15) and our whole team did awesome / had a blast.

Sunday was a rest day as my husband and I were both slammed and had to work.  The good news was that my headache seemed to be gone.

Total: 14.7 miles.   Yeah, not quite the 50ish miles I had scheduled….

Week ending 6.17.2013 I knew was going to be rough.  I had things scheduled almost every night of the week, my husband was gone with trial and it seemed like new fires were popping up daily at work.

Monday-Wednesday – off.

Thursday I got out for an hour and it was glorious to be back at it.  60 minutes / 6.8 miles (8:57 pace).

Friday I needed to rest to get work done, but was also wicked sore.  What?!  No clue why, but my hamstrings and calves were killing me.

Saturday I ran with 2 of my GOTR girls in a local race I help direct.  They were slower than usual, but it was super fun.  I believe I was 27:25 or thereabouts.  After the run, my feet, calves and hammies were killing me.  How is this possible after 3 weeks of almost no running?

Sunday was Father’s Day and a work day for both my husband and I.  The boys and I did manage some fun though.

Total: 10 miles

So there you have it. Complete derailment.  With my schedule, screaming calves and scheduled vacation set to commence on Friday (in National Parks with Grizzly bears), this girl is likely to stay off track for another 2 weeks.  See you on the other side and please send well wishes that my life and body cooperate a bit more after a much needed vacation.


Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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