Marigold’s Training Log 3.5.18 – 3.11.18

I’m only about two weeks away from my half marathon! Since I dropped down from marathon training, though, I feel extra prepared. And this week I didn’t push myself too much on non-run days. Here’s what I did.

Monday: Yoga day!

Tuesday: My easy runs are usually on Thursdays, but I keep switching it to Tuesday because the weather always seems to be better on Tuesday. This time I did 4 miles in 41:17, so a 10:19 pace. Split paces were – 9:59, 10:31, 11:20, 10:57.

Wednesday: Dance cardio. Not my typical cross training. But like I said, I felt like I could be relatively lazy this week. Plus I had a bad day so the only way I would get off the couch was if I was dancing. Do what you can!

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: My speed day. 4 miles. I ran 0.75 miles at an easy pace (10:06/mile), then did a few track drills and strides for another 0.25. My workout was 6×400 meters at a 8:44/mile pace, followed by a minute and a half of walking. Finally, I cooled down with an easy 0.75 mile (10:06/mile).

Saturday: 30 minute at-home strength video. I only had 3 and 5 pound weights at home, so I also went to Target to get 8 and 10 pound ones. Maybe eventually I’ll have to go out and get 15 pounders. 😉

Sunday: Long run. 7.1 miles at a 10 minute pace. Splits – 9:50, 10:25, 11:34, 10:


06, 11:04, 11:57, 9:59, 8:49.

How were your runs this week?

I'm an Alabama girl currently living in Kentucky. I'm a middle of the pack runner, although I've finally decided to try to get a little faster. As a Catholic woman, my faith informs most of my life, so I'll be writing about faith and running, with some dashes of mental health and female body topics thrown in.

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  1. Love the dance comment- sometimes you just gotta do whatever you’re willing to 🙂
    My long runs have been painful lately; I’ve found music is much better to run to than audiobooks if I want the time to go faster. Good luck with your half!

    1. Yep, gotta keep moving somehow! Hoping your long runs start feeling better. And thanks for the luck. 🙂