Maple’s Training Log – 7.31.16

Hilly mile loops on Tuesday night

Hi Salty Runners! I hope you all had a great week of training. This week marked Week 7 of my 20 week training plan for the Hamilton Marathon. In terms of mileage, I’ve been hovering in the mid-high 80s (kilometres). I completed my long run on Friday morning, before heading to Montreal for the weekend.

Monday – 12K @ 5:24 in the morning. HIIT class in the evening (45 minutes).

Tuesday – 15.17K with 3 x 1 hilly mile loops (7:00, 6:59, 6:57) + warm-up and cool-down. As I mentioned, I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the OAC Racing Team. Tuesdays in the summer we meet at a nearby park and run a timed hilly mile loops.

Wednesday – 12K @ 6:04. Beautiful morning run around the Rideau Canal. Strapped my Hoka One One’s on, took it easy and listened to a podcast. HIIT class in the evening (45 minutes).

Lana Del Ray at Osheaga in Montreal

Thursday – 12K @ 4:55 with 3 x (400m, 2 x 200m, 800m) + warm-up and cool-down. I normally run with the team on the track on Thursdays, but due to a commitment in the evening I completed this workout by myself along the Canal. It was tough.

Friday – 27K at 5:30After last weeks solid 36K, I didn’t fuss about pace on this run. I used a modified Ottawa Marathon route and used water fountains along the way. I completed my long run on Friday before driving to Montreal for a weekend of fun at my sister’s! We went to Osheaga to see Lana Del Ray on Saturday night!

Saturday – REST. 

Sunday – 8K @ 5:55. Short recovery run before driving home! I ran through downtown Montreal.

Total: 86.4K

14 weeks until the Hamilton Road 2 Hope Marathon!

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I'm a Canadian runner with a knack for training in frigid temperatures and completing 20 milers on the treadmill. I'm currently training for a spring marathon, with the goal of Boston Qualifying. Outside of running, I work in public policy and can often be found cross-stitching or being talked out of adopting another cat.

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  1. Another solid week of training, you are going to kick ass in Hamilton! As for your Thursday workout, I think that occasionally doing the opposite of what we normally do can be tough but so helpful. For instance, you running workout solo instead of with the group- trains you to push when no one is around. I train solo most of the time, so when I do a workout with someone else or a group- it’s so good for me to practice focusing on my run and holding pace…as well as pushing myself to keep up!

    1. really good point! I do most of my long runs with a friend, but since it’s just me out there on race day, getting some of those workouts in solo is important too. on the other hand, my tempo and speedwork tends to be solo but I would love to team up with a buddy for that extra push.