Mango’s way-off-base training log – December 2016 plus January 2 to 8

Just like my December, my training logs for the month are all over the place. I had a good running week. I solo parented for a week while Mr. Mango was away for a conference. Then it was crunch time on a project at work. We visited family for Christmas. And then I came home and tried to get into the swing of things again. Typical!

There are worse times, and worse seasons, to have this happen! In her training log summary for CIM, one of my favourite running bloggers writes about doing risk planning at the start of the training cycle and each week to figure out where there might be trouble ahead, such as work travel. That allowed her to shift workouts around as needed, and figure out how and when to get the miles in.

“Do not not NOT miss a run if there is any way around it!”, she writes, was one of her process goals. “Do risk planning at the beginning of the cycle & of every week, & move things around as needed. Always be planning.”

So: resolution for this year – git ‘er done.

All runs easy (9:50-10:30 and on beyond zebra) unless otherwise stated.

12/5 to 12/11

Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – 3.5 miles, MYRTLs
Wednesday – Body Sculpt (low-impact weights class) at lunch
Thursday – off
Friday – off
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 5 miles, slowly but surely coming down with a cold

Total: 15.5 miles, 1 weights class

12/12 to 12/18

Monday – attempting to stave off a cold, off
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 4 miles easy
Thursday – 4 miles easy
Friday – Body Sculpt (low-impact weights class) at lunch
Saturday – off
Sunday – 4 miles

Total: 12 miles, 1 weights class

12/19 to 12/25

Monday – 3 miles, Body Sculpt at lunch
Tuesday – 3.5 miles
Wednesday – 3.5 miles
Thursday – off due to travel (drove overnight to the in-laws’, chased small children around, fell asleep immediately after dinner)
Friday – 3 miles trying to avoid icy sidewalks of death
Saturday – off, lazy
Sunday – 4.5 miles. Merry Christmas to me!

Christmas morning...round 1.
Christmas morning…round 1.

Total: 17.5 miles, 1 weights class plus repeated toddler piggyback rides

12/26 to 1/1

Monday – 8 miles with the Saltines at North Chagrin Reservation!
Tuesday – 3
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 3
Friday – 5
Saturday – off
Sunday – 6. So many happy runner faces out on the trail!

Total: 25 miles

1/2 to 1/8

Monday – 25 min on the bike, MYRTLS
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 5 mi. Warm enough forย bare ankles!

And psychedelic tights for max visibility and joy.
And psychedelic tights for max visibility and joy.

Thursday – 3.5 mi
Friday – strength class; 1 mi treadmill warmup
Saturday – 1 mi treadmill. Stomach upset. Gave up. Sprained ankle by stepping in hole under snow on the way home from family outing. Felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. Stubbornly did 3 mi on elliptical at night.
Sunday – off

Total: grim

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  1. I’m definitely all about the risk planning when I’m on a training plan. If I have travel I know about in advance, I’ll sort of map out my run plans even if it’s still weeks away. Next week I’m going to Austin for a conference and already have my schedule/ run routes in place so I don’t miss any days. In general, I am always looking at my training plan and figuring out how to make life and running work together!