Mango’s training log 9.10.17

This past week completely kicked my butt. Work was a little crazy (lots of projects with lots of moving parts and lots of deadlines all at the same time), and this is peak phase for marathon training. More than once I’ve found myself doing a Jasyoga video or Myrtls on the floor at 11.30pm, instead of sleeping…

Monday – 6 miles easy

Tuesday – 2.4 miles to/from pool (a different pool! just in case the freshman swim tests were still going on – they were not), 30 minutes pool running

Wednesday – Lunchtime: 4 miles with mid 2 @tempo. Evening track group was rained out so I did the prescribed workout on the treadmill: 4 miles as 10min up, 25min alternating 5min each at lactate threshold +5%/ lactate threshold -5%, 4min down.

Thursday – 5.1 miles

Friday – rest

Saturday – I had the most glorious long run I’ve ever had in 7 marathon training cycles. I signed up for the Charles River Marathon, a 10-loop (!) course, for part of my 20-miler, knowing the crowd support and water stops would force me into the faster range of my long-run pace. (I’m entirely capable of it physically – but on a solo run at the end of a long week it’s mentally tough to hold myself to 9:30 miles, y’know? I don’t like pain…) I ran there from home, picked up my bib, waited a few minutes for the race start, and kept trucking, mentally chunking the run into 4 sets of 5 miles. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. I thought I might ramp things up for the last chunk, but apparently ‘ramping up effort’ resulted in running the exact same pace as the previous chunk.

Towards the end my neck mysteriously locked up and I found myself looking, and drifting, to the right. Or not so mysteriously: I carry my water bottle exclusively in my left hand. Nothing hurts, and I’m not injured, but clearly I am such a wimp that clutching 10oz of water for three hours can tire out my left arm and shoulder enough to weigh heavily on my neck. Hmm. After a quick shower it was go! go! go! at the playground followed by a sweet long nap with the kiddo.

Last week, I was freaking out. This week, who cares about the marathon? By the time it rolls around I’ll have accumulated about 200 miles of delightful runs!

Post-20-miler feels

Sunday – I had 5.5 miles to get to 50 for the week. Or 8.5 if you don’t count the bit of pool running as ‘mileage’. Did I? Nope. Instead I ran the long way round to the grocery store. Multi-tasking ftw! 3.9 miles.


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  1. Nice job on the 20-miler! You do exactly what I do (4 5-mile chunks).

    If you’re looking to run hands-free while carrying water, I really recommend Simple Hydration. I love that bottle.