Mango’s training log – 3.12.17

When we last left off, I was debating whether to run the New Bedford half marathon as part of my running group’s ‘racing’ team. I’m taking the plunge and just going to go ahead and race. Obviously, I’m not competitive – don’t look for me in anything higher than the top third or half of finishers. I’m just the caboose, there to make up the numbers!

Flashback to the last time I put on this kit for a race…May 2016!

However, I am pretty competitive with myself, and after almost-nailing my Thursday workout, I’m feeling like I can maybe match my half PR (1:56) this coming Sunday. Now if the everlasting winter and this interminable cold-and-sinus nonsense don’t finish me off first…

All miles easy (9:30-11:00ish) unless otherwise stated.

Monday 3/6 – 4.5 miles easy

Tuesday 3/7 – started coming down with a cold. Possibly related to burning the midnight oil on work, volunteer stuff and passion projects…ahem. So basically my own silly fault. 30 minutes very gentle on the elliptical, 2.5 miles.

Wednesday 3/8 – off

Thursday 3/9 – 7.2 miles including 2×2 mi and 1 mi at half marathon pace (8:10 not into the wind; 8:20-8:30 into the wind. Final tempo mile was 8:20 and I was completely done with that gale.)

The winter that never ends!

Friday 3/10 – easy 5, MYRTLs, foam rolling a crabby IT band

Saturday 3/11 – Boston might be colder than Alaska right now. 100 minutes, treadmill. Treadmill still wildly uncalibrated and off-kilter – it thought I was running 13:++ mile pace. I don’t think so! I’ve got into the habit of doing all my treadmill long runs for time and by effort.

Sunday 3/12 – off

Total: approx 30 miles between outdoor runs, treadmill, and elliptical

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