Mango’s Training Log – 11.7.16 and 11.14.16

Very little running this fortnight, so two weeks in one post.ย 
11/7 to 11/13
Monday 11/7 Fun speed workout (10 x 200 on/ 400 off) with the Community Running team at the MIT track, about 6 miles all told, including warm up and cool down.
Tuesday 11/8 – rest
Wednesday 11/9 – 5 miles easy
Thursday 11/10 – rough week. Zero desire to run today.
Friday 11/11 – 2 miles
Saturday 11/12 – 2 miles
Sunday 11/13 – Ran the inaugural Cambridge Half Marathon as a fun run (2:01:49 – the exact splits are on my watch but no one is interested in them, least of all me). Sunshine and perfect weather – I’ve been really, really lucky with race weather this year.
I ran the first 5 miles chatting with a friend who was doing her first half marathon – sensibly, we kept to about 9:45-10:00 pace for those miles. We’d agreed to run together for a bit and then separate if we felt we each needed to do our own thing. The sixth mile was along a narrow bike trail and I started feeling claustrophic and boxed in by runners around us, so Iย  leapfrogged ahead till I got to a clear space, found a happy pace, and kept going, enjoying the sunshine and fall colours (pace in the low 9s and high 8s). Finally I thought I’d see how fast I could pick it up for the last 3 miles (8:30s-8:40s); picking it up is fun too. This was the rare race that was ‘over before I knew it’, and exactly how I needed to round off a long, difficult week.
Post-race nosh (my nutritionist would be proud):
1 beverage enjoyed mostly responsibly (except for the, ahem, lack of proper hydration beforehand): Bantam Cider Wunderkind.
1 mint chip frozen yogurt bar
2 Larabar samples
Cabot cheese samples – an embarrassing number (don’t tell me YOU’VE never done the rounds of Costco at snack time)
1 cup broccoli cheese soup and breadsticks from mall food court
This list would’ve included a banana except my toddler stole it.
Definitely could’ve been better about the strength work this week (I did none).
11/14 to 11/20
Monday 11/14 – being either lazy or prudent or both, decided against running the day after a 13.1. Recovery yoga
Tuesday 11/15. Ran 3.2 miles for my 32nd birthday!
Birthday run, 3.2 miles for my 32nd birthday
Birthday run! Followed by a massage.
Wednesday 11/16 – travel day: flew to London for a brief and intense work trip.
Thursday 11/17 – got out for a 30-minute trot round a park at 7am before a loooong day that included meeting all of my London colleagues, several brainstorming sessions, terrible coffee, and good drinks.
Friday 11/18 – more work stuff, lots of walking around the city

A run by the Thames. Same same but different...
A run by the Thames. Same same but different…
Saturday 11/19 – flew home, had all the kid cuddles
Sunday 11/20 – 3.5 miles done as a progression (30 minutes)
Books read:
– Leslye Walton, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Magical realism of the finest kind, about the family saga of a girl born with wings. Slightly predictable, but the whole thing is so lyrically written I didn’t even care.

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  1. I love the post-race food diary and hearing what you’re reading! We should all do that. This book sounds lovely.