Mango’s training log – 10.2.16

T-3 weeks to Baystate Half Marathon. This was an iffy week of untraining. Some weeks you nail everything in the plan; other weeks you nail zero percent of the plan.

Monday, 9/26 – Felt under the weather, achy all over, about to come down with a cold. Work also kind of exploded so I spent all day parked at my desk, ugh. Took a pass on my usual Monday night track group.

Tuesday, 9/27 – Work still crazy. I did make it to the gym for what was supposed to be 2x2mi tempo, but within five minutes of getting on the treadmill my right glute/ hip flexor/ muscles around my right hip started feeling weird. Really, really weird. Tight, clicky, as though not all the bits were operating as they should. Sensibly nixed the workout and hopped on the spin bike for 45 minutes instead, with a hefty dose of stretching, ITB-foam-rolling, and glute strength work that I should be doing regularly anyway.

Wednesday, 9/28 – Grocery ‘run’, easy 4.5 miles out and back to end up at the grocery store half a mile from home. As I was walking home with my haul, I saw another woman who was clearly doing the same thing (running towards store, empty backpack) and we shared a knowing chuckle. Clearly the pre-dinner Running of the Errands is more common than I thought! Stretched. Hip flexor and glute still funky.

Thursday, 9/29 – Rest day, moved from Wednesday. My parents arrived for a weeklong visit.

Friday 9/30 – 5 miles easy (10:00), treadmill

Saturday 10/1 – Spent the day out with parents, showing them around town, and sprinting after a toddler who is well on his way to breaking some sort of under-2 world speed record.

Sunday 10/2 – 6.5 miles (10:00, 9:50, 9:40, 9:30, 9:20, held the rest at 9:10 MGP), treadmill – was supposed to be 8, but ran out of time

A lot of this, this week.
A lot of this, this week.

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