Mango’s Providence Half training log, week 1 of 13, Feb 6 to 12

Hello from the future! The fact that I’m posting this training log on Sunday of week 2/13 should tell you something about Week 2, which coincided with a bout of illness (unforeseen) and a very busy period at work (anticipated)…but that’s a story for another day. ย (Spoiler: it did not go as well as this week.)
Throwback: my old training journal. I went digging into it to see how much I’d actually improved over the years! I should keep a written journal again…
Monday was a bluebird day.
AM – Took advantage of the brilliant weather before a snowstorm rolled in later in the week. I set out to do 3 miles and ended up doing 4.5 miles easy, 9:41 pace
PM – Track! 1 mile warmup, 3x2000m (10x200m on an indoor track, with every lap one second faster than the last – not as easy as it sounds!) with 400m shuffle in between, 800m cooldown. 5.5 miles total. Laps between 65 and 55 seconds.
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 5.5 miles easy, 9:52 pace
Thursday – SNOWSTORM. Thus, daycare snow day. 3 miles easy, treadmill. Something about snow-day toddler-wrangling is tougher than regular-day toddler-wrangling; maybe it’s mental.
Friday – 1.5 miles easy (back to the old rule: if you only have 20 minutes, run for 20 minutes. I had 15 minutes before daycare pickup…)
Saturday – 8.3 miles, treadmill. First 6 at 10:30, last 2.3 in the 8:50s (my current HM pace)
Sunday – 2 miles progression and strength (reverse lunges, goblet squats, push-ups, MYRTLs)
Total: 30.3 miles! 1st 30-mile week in a while, and I even managed to fit in some strength work. I know, the numbers are arbitrary. That’s 48.76 km.
Way too much of this, this week. Yes, I am a wimp.

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  1. Hey, way to get it done, especially on the mill and with a snowbound toddler! That track workout sounds intense..I’m trying to find a good one for 5K training- any suggestions?

    1. My group’s new track coach was a collegiate runner who is still in college-running mode and gives us these incredibly long and intense workouts! That’s for the half marathon/ marathon group. The coach for the 5K/ 10Kers has them do things like a ladder: 200m, 400, 600, 800, 1000 and all the way back down, at goal 5K pace. Or a couple sets of 1 mile at 10K pace followed by a few 200s/ 400s at mile or 3k pace. And so on!

  2. Do what you can do! I think getting out there for even 15-20 minutes helps you form a habit and makes you less likely to skip more important runs. Weren’t we talking about that not long ago โ€” the momentum that unplanned off days can bring? So way to go!

    1. Totally! And, if it’s cold out and I’m running easy, outer layers and bottoms worn for 20 minutes are not going to be sweaty and can be worn again…