Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 5/28 to 6/10

Weeks 29-30 and 30-31 of pregnancy

I’m really putting the ‘untraining’ in this training cycle! Pregnancy is a lot like a reverse training cycle: I’ve definitely become detrained (at least specific to running) along the way, and now am just kind of hanging in there to maintain my general health, fitness and sanity till delivery rolls around. (Emphasis on roll.)

Monday 5/28 – Memorial Day was a damp squib of a day, wet and rainy. Husband and his brother took the kiddos cabin camping overnight, which I declined, because I can barely sleep well in my own bed as it is, let alone in a sleeping bag on a hard platform. I ended up staying in PJs, doing chores, and reading for most of the day, and made cookies for a friend who’s solo parenting for a month. I did a couple of Aaptiv maternity workouts: one strength, one elliptical cardio. I also read this and thought about my cousins and other relatives in military service here and elsewhere.

Tuesday 5/29 – off
Wednesday 5/30 – Shuffling around the track, ~25 minutes.
Thursday 5/31 – off
Friday 6/1 – Aaptiv workout, walk ~3.5 miles
Saturday 6/2 – off
Sunday 6/3 – Cambridge 5K Freedom Run! 3.1 miles

Cambridge 5K Freedom Run: a mini race-recap


On Sunday I woke up, still not sure whether I was going to spectate or participate. The weather decided it for me – sunny most of the day and in the 50s/60s? Bring it on! We started at the back, with the strollers and the walkers (and the costumes. I spotted both Uncle Sam and a 6ft hot dog wearing the works), right where I needed to be to do a 5 minute run/ 1 minute walk ratio. I was definitely running during the run segments, but it was an easy effort – no heroics here.

The course starts outside a mall, goes through an office area with lots of biotech companies, then loops
back up to Cambridge Street and the residential neighbourhood near the local courthouse. There are maybe four or five turns, a brief climb, and a gradual downhill back to the finish. I can think of worse ways to spend a summer Sunday. I finished with a record personal worst and can definitively say the Cambridge 5K race experience is just as pleasant at the back of the pack as it is in the middle, which is not true of every race – but should be.

The afterparty featured a huge range of brews and ciders (sadly, none for me this year, but I did snag a lemonade and a couple cans of cold-brew coffee to take home), but it was loud and a little overwhelming for the stroller set – and my ice cream hopes were dashed! What kind of barbaric summer race doesn’t have ice cream or freeze pops at the end?! Otherwise, if you like beer and dancing plus a well-organised race experience, it’s worth the money.

Alas, post-race sacroiliac pain bugged me for the next couple of days. The terrible thing is that I never know when it’s going to flare up or how bad it’s going to be – sometimes I can walk for miles or run without pain, sometimes I walk a mile and the pain shoots down my leg, and sometimes it doesn’t show up until hours *after* the offending workout. This particular flare was bad enough to need a heating pad, and I made a couple of PT appointments to figure out how to quell it.

Monday 6/4 – off
Tuesday 6/5 – MYRTLs, perfunctory series of lunges and squats
Wednesday 6/6 – walk (errands)

Thursday 6/7 to Sunday 6/10 – travel. We were in New Orleans for the very sweet, very beautiful and very low-key wedding of one of my dearest friends from college. (I asked her for sitter recommendations as she’s nannied in the past and has friends with kids in town, and she said ‘oh, just bring Kiddo’! Who turned out to be all kinds of well-behaved, especially after we plied him with snacks, and was the first one to hit the dance floor at the reception before he was hustled back to our AirBnB for bedtime.)

Remarkably, despite walking (maybe much more slowly than normal? the weather was very sticky) all over the city, I had no pain. None. Zilch. My brain and body must’ve been in full-on holiday mode, so that even the sacroiliac pain took a vacation. Does dancing my feet off for hours at the wedding reception count as a workout? I think so.

Currently reading:
Naomi Alderman, ‘The Power’;
Alex Hutchinson, ‘Endure’;
Hanya Yanagihara, ‘A Little Life’;
Thomas Pynchon, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ (for book club…very…slowly…)

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