Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 5/21 to 5/27

Week 28-29 (properly in the third trimester now, yikes!).

Here’s the difference between a first pregnancy and a subsequent one. First pregnancy: you know down to the minute how far along you are, baby’s stage of development, your baby is the size of a cauliflower, etc. etc. Second pregnancy: your midwife asks you ‘so how many weeks are you now?’ and you have to go check your app. First pregnancy: baby showers! all the stuff! setting up the nursery! Second pregnancy: you just add some (tiny, tiny) diapers, another carseat, and some emergency formula and bottles to the Target shopping list. True story.

At this point I’m torn between impatience and wanting to meet the little pipsqueak, and wanting Pipsqueak to stay in and bake til fully ready (I think everyone surely feels the same way at this stage). The first 4-5 weeks of third trimester must be the longest month in the history of the calendar.

Monday 5/21 – run/walk, 2.5 miles, felt good

Tuesday 5/22 – off

Wednesday 5/23 – Track! I don’t even pretend to do the workout any more, unless it’s a pure time-based one. Run/ walk 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. This didn’t feel great. 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off is still a better ratio.

Thursday 5/24 – off

Friday 5/25 – Aaptiv maternity strength workout plus a walk before dinner


5/26 – Went hiking with friends at Blue Hills Reservation. Time: roughly 1.5 hours. Distance: unknown and brief. Pace: preschooler. Is there anything slower than one preschooler? Yes, and that is two preschoolers who are both toting large sticks and yelling ANT! every time they see a bug. To their great credit, neither one made a single peep of complaint, and only one (mine) had to be carried any distance, and only at the very end.
Minus: We were all eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Plus: Pond with beach and swimming area.

Sunday 5/27 – Jasyoga (yoga for pregnant athletes) – the strength video. Also spectating a half marathon. Isn’t it nice when Mile 6 is literally outside your house?


Finally, here’s a preview of the upcoming week: summer is hot, work is nuts (I’m staffed on our shortest-turnaround projects for obvious reasons), sacroiliac joint pain on the right side is bugging me a little and I need to make a PT appointment, and this coming weekend I’ll decide whether or not to run the Cambridge Freedom 5K – it depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning.

I like the Cambridge 5K. Logistics are aย breeze, it doesn’t have too many turns, a little uphill, a little down to the finish. We usually run it with friends and their kids, and it’s the site of my accidental PR last year – whereas this year it’ll definitely be a Personal Worst AND I won’t be able to partake of the adult beverages at the end! But I am signed up, I have a bib and a really nice t-shirt, even if I walk the whole way it’ll take me less than an hour, and I’ll be sure to eat my bodyweight in ice cream.

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