Mango’s Where Did January Go And Wait Now It’s Gone training log – 1/9 to 2/5

January by the numbers:

January 9 to 15 – 27.75 miles, 2x Body Sculpt classes, 1x speedwork
January 16 to 22 – 22.2 miles, including one treadmill studio class hill workout (more on that later!) and one Body Sculpt class
January 23 to 29 – 24 miles, 2x Body Sculpt classes
January 30 to Feb 5 – 22 miles, 1x Body Sculpt, 1x speedwork

January in pictures:

The view from one of my usual routes. Not too shabby.

What a month, huh. It’s been difficult to concentrate on or talk about training amid such a tumultuous political and global environment, so this has been a month of allowing running to be my pressure valve. I do a long run each weekend and try to make it to the track for some social speedwork. I haven’t hit my 30 mpw target at all, but I’m pretty proud of getting to 1-2 strength classes each week. Process goals…

My January has held somewhat steady at a low level of casual running/ untraining. My long runs are temporarily
stuck at 8ish miles apiece. All easy runs are in the 9:50 to 10:50 range. All speedwork hovers around 7:50 for 5k pace, 8:20-8:40 for 10k.

My wee running buddy. We ran to the library and back – these days he’s got to be enticed to run with me.

(Also: I took a look at my old training logs. 22 miles is 35 km. 27.75 is 45 km. That’s more, and more consistently, than I was running during previous casual-runningย stints. And that was back when I would still grab my water, subway card, and keys, and meander off across the island for two hours on a Sunday morning; before baby, before my weekend time had to be planned and laid out in a calendar and every precious minute bartered for.)

Now it’s 13 weeks to my goal half, the Providence Half Marathon. Personally, professionally, and in my running life, it’s time to up the resistance. I smell blood. Bring it on, February. Bring it on.

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  1. I know what you mean about the bribes: my older son is almost 5 and likes going with me now, but there was a good stretch (maybe 2.5-3.5?) where it was all about the BRIBE. Goldfish in snack traps helped a ton ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I hear you about the resistance. My heart is so heavy. Running seems to provide me a good distraction these days, so I can clear my head and then go back to my desk and fall back into my spiral. Keep up the fight!!