Make Your Own Boston Marathon Jacket

The jacket of my dreams…

In my dream world, I would be strutting around today in a purple and orange jacket of questionable taste.  This jacket would not be the sort of thing I usually wear, it certainly isn’t something I’d ever choose for myself, and I would have paid way too much money for it.

You know what I’m talking about.

I mean, it’s okay that I didn’t make it to Boston this year…I’ll make it someday!  Until then I’ll have to make do with a homemade knockoff that’s even less stylish than the real deal.

Learn how to make your own Boston Marathon jacket (for less than five bucks!) after the jump!

You’ll need a few black trash bags, the kind with a drawstring.  You’ll also need some packing tape and a pair of scissors.  If you want to get real fancy you could use some Velcro for the front, but I just taped it because I’m classy.

Lop off the top of one of the bags.  Tape the top you lopped and that becomes a sleeve. Lop another top and tape for the other sleeve.

I even took in my jacket to fit the width of my hips, because I wanted the photo to be funnier when I sent it to Chamomile and Basil on Monday morning.
I even took in my jacket to fit the width of my hips.  Note that I left the drawstring intact at the bottom, so I could get that cinch-able hem effect that the real Boston jacket has.  The part I cut off (left) became one of the sleeves, and I cut a second bag to match for the other sleeve.

The really clever part is when you take out the drawstring from your second bag and cut it into the fancy Adidas-ish racing stripes.

And you thought this project was gonna be lame.
And you thought this project was weird and kind of pathetic.  Shows what you know.  I managed to turn ridiculous, unfounded jealousy into ingenuity!

Collars are for squares… and, you know, also for people who want to take more than ten minutes on this project.  I thought it was pretty good without one, so I just added an awesome hand-drawn Boston Wannabe logo, and that was it for me.

Ta-da!  Just wait until they see THIS in the NYC corrals in November!

In case you were wondering what brought this ridiculous project on, I made this as a joke to point out to Chamomile how badly I want to earn my own ugly jacket.  I mean, it’s not exactly something I’ll be showing off at the track next Tuesday.

But truth be told…I’ll probably wear it once or twice!  It’s surprisingly serviceable for something I made out of trash bags (it brings a whole new level to having a jacket with taped seams and a drawstring hem).  The best part is that it’s fully waterproof, so now I won’t have to worry about getting stuck with the lower level of the Verrazano Bridge at NYC in November!

The best part is that it’s just sh*tty enough to make me want to work a little harder for another ugly jacket I’ll hardly ever wear, just because it will mean so much when I can finally get one.

Congratulations to all of you Boston finishers!

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  1. YES. I got a sneak-peak of this classy little number right before bedtime on Sunday night (and could have reeeeeally used one out on the Boston course Monday morning!) The mental image of you and your super-model-in-a-trash-bag pose definitely crossed my mind a time or two while I was people-watching at Athlete’s Village before the start…we all had such crazy getups going on. I’m pretty sure this version would have been a lot more effective than the real deal yesterday! Love it!!

  2. I’m pretty sure they do all their sewing overseas anyway, so I wasn’t worried. (hehe)

    I’ve long thought they ought to lose the triple-stripe on their gear. The stripes are kinda outdated and make me think of garish 90’s track suits. Isn’t their little flower logo thing enough?