Mace’s training log, 9-29-12

A once-a-year exercise in hedonism!

Looking at my paltry mileage this week, I’m wondering if I have reasons for it, or excuses.  I rarely run fewer than 12 miles, and had been looking forward to some progress after topping 20 (huzzah!)  last week.  But a combination of work deadlines, and an exercise in hedonism called a visit to the state fair kept me immobile.  Not happy about it.  But the fair is only once year, yes? I can run more next week.

SUNDAY:    Planned off.

MONDAY:    Progress!   5 miles, 11:25 pace.   But feeling the effects of my record-breaking 23.4 (but who’s counting?) miles last week.

TUESDAY:   Planned off.

WEDNESDAY:  Unplanned off, drowning in deadlines.

THURSDAY:   Unplanned off, the stupor of cream puffs and corndogs.

The signature food of New England’s fair: homemade cream puffs and eclairs. Yes, I had a cream puff. Possibly two.

FRIDAY:   Unplanned off, heavy rain.

SATURDAY:  3.5 miles, elevensies, like a hobbit.

Total:      8.5 miles, an unintentional rest week. 155 pounds.

I'm a single mother of four who has been running injury-free for 27 years, astonishingly without ever losing any weight. I'm a writer and editor near Boston, and author of "Honey, Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner."

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  1. Those cream puffs and eclairs look amazing! I’d totally ditch a few runs for those too 🙂 But seriously, life happens even to the most dedicated among us. It sounds like you had a crazy week and just couldn’t squeeze anything else and get in what you needed to do – like promote your book that just launched! HELLO!

    Hope this week allows you a few more miles 🙂