Mace’s training log, 9-22-12

This being my first training log, a little explanation is in order.

Two years ago, I was consistently running at a 10-minute pace, with a base run of four miles a couple of times a week.  Last year, I increased my base run to six miles, but going longer made me slower.  Over the summer, I consistently clocked 11- and 12-minute miles on my six-milers, ugh.

So my immediate goal, in preparation for a half-marathon in December (my first in two years), is to haul my not-insubstantial derriere out of this rut, as quickly as possible.  (On Dec. 8,  I’m running Kiawah in Charleston, S.C.,  and they still have some openings, if anyone wants to join me.  A mercifully flat course, zero chance of snow, and hot bean soup at the finish!)

On to the week:

SUNDAY:  Six miles, 11:50 pace.   This is terrible, not only because two years ago, I was running this distance a minute per mile faster, but because I thought I was running much faster.  Was crushed when I checked my time.

It’s a terrible thing for the ego when the dog, whose legs are all of eight inches, can run faster and longer than you. Jason is a border collie who loves to run because, tragically, we’ve no sheep.

MONDAY:  Planned off.   House full of 10-year-old girls for a birthday sleepover. Need LOTS of recovery time.

TUESDAY:  Five miles, 11:51.  Plateaus R Us.

WEDNESDAY:  Rain, rain, go away.

THURSDAY:  Three miles with dog, untimed, but twelvish.

FRIDAY:   4.4 miles at 11:50 pace.  But, running with dog, which means frequent stops, which means I was running faster than that, probably 11:25.  I, speed demon.

SATURDAY: 5 miles, with dog again, untimed.

Total for week: 23.4 miles, 156 pounds, but feeling good and having fun out there!

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I'm a single mother of four who has been running injury-free for 27 years, astonishingly without ever losing any weight. I'm a writer and editor near Boston, and author of "Honey, Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner."

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  1. Ditto on not beating yourself up over pace! I love your commentary here, though, and can relate to the frequent stops… my dog likes to take lots of sniff and bathroom breaks.

  2. My boyfriend can run a half in at least 70 minutes right now and yet he loves going for long runs at 11-12 minute pace. Don’t fret! It’s all about feel when you are getting back. Welcome to the team! Excited for your voice!