Mace’s training log – 11.25.12

Zitrone auf Zitronenpresse
My daily lemon failed me this week. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely get sick, either because I drink hot water with lemon juice every night, or because I believe drinking hot water with lemon juice every night keeps me healthy.   Probably the latter.

But my parents visited last week, bringing all sorts of sugary treats that hammered away on my immune system at the same time that my oldest daughter brought a sore throat into the house. I didn’t get go-to-bed sick, but got enough of the raspy throat and sniffles to empty every tissue box in the house and take it easy the first few days of the week.   No Turkey Trot for me this year,  and it was a week of running in place, but that’s okay for a holiday week. 

SUNDAY:   off

MONDAY:   2, with dog

TUESDAY:   off

 WEDNESDAY:    3, untimed

THURSDAY:    4, untimed

FRIDAY:   4.7,  11:06 pace

SATURDAY:    off

Total:    13.7,  158 pounds.

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