Mace’s training log, 11-18-12

Laurel Mountain, West Virginia (Photo taken ne...
Laurel Mountain, West Virginia (Photo taken near Tacy, West Virginia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vacations bring out the dreamer in me, the dreamer who thinks she is going to spend the whole week running through forests like a nymph, then stretching, then swimming, then maybe enjoying a massage or a hike or bike ride. But that bitch Reality always intervenes. Or maybe it’s her evil twin Sloth.  At any rate, I wound up with my typical weekly mileage while on vacation, though with one plus:  I was in the mountains of West Virginia, and did my miles on some not insignificant inclines.  So I was tempted to count them twice. But I didn’t. No person is ever more honest than a Salty runner in her training log.

SUNDAY:   5.5, untimed


TUESDAY:   2.5

 WEDNESDAY:    off

THURSDAY:  5.7 miles, 11:44 pace.

FRIDAY:    planned off

SATURDAY:    unplanned off

Total:  13.7 miles, and too much a coward to get on the scale ( always the case after any good vacation)

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I'm a single mother of four who has been running injury-free for 27 years, astonishingly without ever losing any weight. I'm a writer and editor near Boston, and author of "Honey, Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner."

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