Mace’s training log, 10-21-12

Gorgeous but dangerous: the leaves hide the rocks and roots waiting to trip me.

My back trouble over the past few weeks was agonizing, not so much because of the pain, but because of the leaves.

I hate being grounded at any time of year, but particularly in October.

So far as I can tell, autumn is the only good reason to live in New England,  and when the trees show off like they’re doing right now, it’s a sin to be inside and inactive.

But I wasn’t getting any better with my usual routines, so I sucked it up and did the hard work of resting. And, blessedly, a week off from all unnecessary exertion healed whatever was ailing my back.

Just to be safe, I eased back into running this week, just three days in a new pair of Nike LunarGlide 4s, a small earthly reward for my pain and suffering.  They also provided a life lesson:  If your running shoe has a video, you’ve probably paid too much.


TUESDAY:   Easy does it, 4 miles, 12:30 pace.


THURSDAY:  4 miles, 11:50 pace.


SATURDAY:  4 miles,  11:30 pace.

TOTAL FOR WEEK:  12, a slow waltz back to normal.  156 pounds and holding, not good for racing, but an accomplishment in its own right when I’ve been as sedentary as I’ve been for the past few weeks.

I'm a single mother of four who has been running injury-free for 27 years, astonishingly without ever losing any weight. I'm a writer and editor near Boston, and author of "Honey, Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner."

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  1. I have those same shoes and LOVE them, except I wore them on muddy trails and now they’re gray :) So glad you’re feeling better and getting in some nice runs!