Life is a Muddy Mess … So We Might as Well Get Dirty

War Wounds

Greetings readers and runners!  I’m truly touched and humbled to be joining the fantastic group of women here at Salty Running, and I hope my insights and adventures are just as inspiring to you as theirs are to me.  So let’s get started!

But life has been tough on us the past three years.  After running my second 100 miler and taking some time off to start a family, my husband and I learned that we were among the 7.3 million Americans that will battle infertility each year.  This is still a taboo topic in society; it is not for me.  We are still watching – and fascinated by – Nadya Suleman, aka “Octomom,”  three years later.  The Duggars and their 19 children receive more American press than the topic of infertility.  Let’s face it:  we know all about what Nadya did to get those babies, and we know that Jim Bob and Michelle haven’t stopped getting it on for twenty years.  But for some reason, we don’t like to talk about a very real, very painful, very medical problem.

This isn’t a blog about infertility, nor will it be.  But that experience will reflect my running – and my journey – as a Salty Running blogger.  After three years of “trying,” “relaxing,” and “vacationing” – along with “testing,” “procedures,” and lots of shots and needles – we’re at the end of our road.  And I am returning to my ultrarunning with a renewed vigor and passion, but can’t deny that I’m also in a grieving process.

But I’m a happy little Clove, I am!  I am lucky enough to be madly in love with my husband, Darris, who happens to be the Executive Director of a little race here in Columbus every October.  I work primarily for Clif Bar, coordinating programs for their grassroots running division.  That means lots of travel and lots of marathon running, which is kind of the perfect job for me.  We are truly blessed in our life together, and we take the time to recognize that.

What’s the immediate game-plan?  I’m on the waitlist for the Vermont 100 in July; I didn’t sign up for it right away because we had treatment cycles planned early this year and I didn’t know if I’d be pregnant.  I’m pretty confident, though, and formal training starts in just two weeks (eek!)  I’m also crewing and pacing a good friend at Western States this year, heading out to Badwater to crew and pace there, and crewing for Darris at his big race this summer, the Burning River 100.  Finally, once those pesky 100’s are out of the way, we’re headed over to London and Paris to try our hand at spectating … at the Olympics!  We still can’t believe we’re going, and I’m excited to bring you those stories.

That’s a wrap for who I am.  A very blessed ultrarunner who has to finish making sense of the senseless … and can usually only do it covered in mud, senseless and delirious, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night.  Let’s have some fun together!

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Trail and adventure enthusiast. Girl who swears like a sailor but not when she's teaching Sunday School. Survived infertility without a successful pregnancy. Self-employed, primarily working for Clif Bar and Company. Thirteen 100-mile race finishes with seven top 3 placements. An original Saltine.

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  1. Ah how I miss the trails! Now I can vicariously get my trail fix via your posts! Welcome to the blog Clove :)