Licorice’s Training & Pregnancy Log – Week 18 (6.23.13)

This week I got into a really good workout groove and discovered two things:

  1. If you haven’t been on a bike in a while, two spinning classes in a week will make your butt very, very sore.
  2. The elliptical is totally kicking running’s butt right now.

I did some “serious” running this week with a weeknight 5k on Wednesday and, well, it was fun but sort of horrible. I apparently no longer have room to breathe into my belly anymore and could feel my shoulders getting tense. On top of that, I started out too fast and wound up doing lots of walking towards the end. I’m glad I did it, but, oof, it’s getting hard.

Then, this weekend, it worked out to make more sense to hit the elliptical for 2 miles instead of running outside and it was a Whole. New. World. I could breathe! I felt like I was doing productive physical activity! I didn’t feel like a totally out of shape beached whale! It was sort of awesome, really. As much as I hate to admit it, I may be a convert until this kid is born because it was so much more enjoyable.

Licorice at 18 weeks
The belly at 18 weeks

So how is the pregnancy in general going? Pretty well! The belly is definitely starting to grow – this picture is a few days old and already looks completely outdated. I’m also starting to feel like there’s something taking up space in there on a regular basis, although I can’t feel any movement yet.

I’ve been spared the pregnancy acne (my skin is actually breaking out less than it was before I got knocked up), but it is definitely far, far oilier than it has ever been in my life. Like, giant oil slick on my face a few hours after washing it. It’s… special.

While I still really haven’t had any cravings, I have embraced milk-drinking with an enthusiasm that I have never had in my life. I started doing it because I figured it’d be good for me and the baby, but I have really been enjoying it. It’s weird, but I’m not going to argue with it.

This week’s workouts:

Monday: Walk 1.5 miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday AM: 45 minute easy spin on stationary bike

Wednesday PM: Interurban Runners’ Club Fathers’ Day 5k in 41:51 – officially slower than my very first 5k 10 years ago, although with good reason

Thursday: 45 minute spin class

Friday: Off

Saturday: 2 miles on the elliptical

Sunday: 45 minute spin class

Total: 6.5 miles run/walk/elliptical, 2.25 hours spinning


In a previous life, I worked on computers and spent all day sitting. Thanks to running, I've rebooted my career and am now a running and triathlon coach and soon-to-be physical therapist. I've also got the mind and spirit of an elite trapped in the body of a back-of-the-packer.

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