Licorice’s Training Log – 10.28.12

After feeling so great about getting back on the horse last week, this week sort of fell apart on me. School stress (a huge comprehensive, required for graduation test on Friday) and house-selling stress (we did some serious scrubbing and cleaning of the old place to get it ready to list) combined to give me a serious case of the “I don’t wannas” when my alarm went off in the mornings. I stayed in bed and hit the snooze button until it was flat out too late to get any sort of run, even a wee short one, in.

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We were not friends this weekย 

To which I can only say: here’s to making next week better. It certainly can’t get worse, right?

Sunday: Hilly 2.4 miles. Discovered a great view at the edge of the hill just east of my house. Gorgeous

Monday: 1 hour vigorous shower scrubbing/exfoliation.

Tuesday: Planned rest.

Wednesday: Unplanned rest; vague attempt at studying.

Thursday: Planned rest; vaguer attempt at studying.

Friday: Unplanned rest; actual studying for about 30 minutes over breakfast before my test.

Saturday: Rainy 2.3 miles.

Total for the week: 4.8 miles.

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In a previous life, I worked on computers and spent all day sitting. Thanks to running, I've rebooted my career and am now a running and triathlon coach and soon-to-be physical therapist. I've also got the mind and spirit of an elite trapped in the body of a back-of-the-packer.

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