Licorice’s Post-Partum Log – Week 12

This week started off somewhat discouragingly, with no real change in the pelvic floor strength department. I was OK with that until my PT appointment on Wednesday, when she looked miffed that things weren’t doing better. Ugh. If the professional is disappointed, then we are in the realm of “slower than expected” progress. She changed up my exercise program a bit and I started working on more functional strength (i.e., Kegels with activity, rather than just by themselves), thinking that would help get me over the last hump and back to running.

Then, on Saturday morning, I decided to try a run/walk just to see how it felt. The good news: from a pelvic health perspective, it felt great! I started out with 1 minute of running and 2 minutes of walking, and I was able to finish that without any problems or feelings of weakness and sagginess. YAY. I’m hoping this is where I finally get to turn the corner and get back into it. We’ll see how it goes next week, but for now I’m encouraged.

Monday: 2 mile walk
Tuesday: Stroller Strides
Wednesday: PT
Thursday: Stroller Strides
Friday: 2.8 mile walk
Saturday: 1.9 mile run/walk
Sunday: Rest

Total for the week: 6.7 miles

In a previous life, I worked on computers and spent all day sitting. Thanks to running, I've rebooted my career and am now a running and triathlon coach and soon-to-be physical therapist. I've also got the mind and spirit of an elite trapped in the body of a back-of-the-packer.

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