Letter from the Editor: March 2018

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You may be wondering, “Why is Cilantro writing the letter from the editor?”  Well, I’m excited to announce that I’ve come on board as Salty Running’s Editor-in-Chief, a role in which I am committed to continuing to do what we do best: publishing relevant, timely, and authentic content for women runners.

To kick off March, join us in welcoming four new Saltines: BayLeaf, Hummus, and soon to debut Marigold and Barberry! From new mom to professor, their experience, knowledge, and strength is inspiring, and we’re excited for them to share their perspectives with us. We are always looking for women passionate about running and life to join our team! You can learn more and apply here.

This month, in the spirit of March Madness, look for competition-focused pieces, helping you get ready physically, mentally, and emotionally for spring racing season. Sesame will help us to think about how to approach racing at the 10k, 5k, and 1-mile distance. Bay Leaf is going to help those of us preparing to jump up to a new racing distance to think about how to make that jump.

On the Saltine front,

  • Chicory has her spring marathon coming up
  • Bergamot is training for a 10k
  • Jinger is changing her whole approach to running (post to come soon!)
  • Oregano is Nordic skiing in Oregon.
  • Caraway has the plague (okay not really, but she has been really sick)
  • Dill just finished her 32nd of her 50 marathons in 50 states and just began training for her 33rd
  • Parsley and Angelica are recovering from recent marathon efforts
  • Sesame just finished 9th at her most recent 10k
  • Barley is crushing workouts left and right
  • Turmeric is still adjusting to month 8 as a new parent
  • Mango is adjusting to (un)training as she runs through her second pregnancy
  • Salty is considering a return to the marathon this spring
  • I’m finally feeling the urge to run again (and perhaps even shop ultrasignup for my next race)!

March Madness is back this year, but a little different than before. We’re moving the competition to Twitter (@SaltyRunning) for some mini-brackets with giveaways. Make sure to follow us on Twitter – we will announce more throughout the month, starting on our regular Twitter chat, #SaltyChat, on Monday, March 19 at 7 pm EST.

As I lead the editorial charge, Salty and Cinnamon will be focusing on bringing new features to readers in the coming months, including another round of Running Warehouse shoe reviews. Additionally, we heard you, and we are in the early development stages of a Salty Running podcast. We are also continuing to look for great running brands with whom we can partner and are excited about the possibilities this can create for our fans!

As we continue to grow, we are always open and grateful for feedback on our changes—positive and negative—so we encourage you to join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or by email.

What would you like to see at Salty Running? What content would you like us to cover this month? 

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021 to raise money for Girls on the Run. Next challenge: Collegiate Trail Loop FKT. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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