Juniper’s Training Log 07.12.2015

Where I spent most of my week: on my yoga mat with all of my mobility implements.
Where I spent most of my week: on my yoga mat with all of my mobility implements.

Mobility, mobility, mobility. This word has been engrained into my vocabulary every since I injured my hip two years ago. Leading up to and after my surgery, I was the hip mobility queen! I did all of my prescribed physical therapy, I did the movements at home, and I began strength training regularly. I thought I was doing pretty well in that department. Turns out, I could’ve been doing a lot more. I’ve already written a piece on rolling out post workout, but since then, the world of mobility has opened up even more for me. I’m using more tools to work out all of the kinks not only in my hips, but also my shoulders, lower back, and ankles. Paying closer attention to these targeted areas has made a big difference in my running game. I’m looser and more flexible going into my warm-ups, and I’m not nearly as sore after those hard runs. This week I spent a great amount of time on this skill – mobility – and so far, I ain’t mad about it.

Monday: Strength/OLY lifting clinic

I worked out with my girls in the morning. The school runs a summer program for all sports that includes lifting and dynamic work. I didn’t get too nutty with weight since later in the afternoon I attended a clinic at my own gym. Still, it was super fun! Though my season doesn’t start until March of 2016, it got me a little pumped. The clinic I attended later in the day went over how to do the clean and jerk, a lift I have been working on a lot, especially since I am in a CrossFit competition next weekend that entails doing a clean.

Tuesday: CrossFit/Swim

I got up early and headed into the gym. I knew ahead of time that we were going to be doing overhead squats – another skill I’ve been working on – so I was extra jazzed to get in there and do work. I pulled off a PR of 15 lbs. for a total of 60. Mobility is key in this movement, specifically in the shoulders, hips, and ankles, so it was the cherry on the cake that I PR’d after I working so hard on my mobility in those areas.

Wednesday: Rest Day

I did more mobility work, targeting my lower back, which was flared up a bit, as well as my ankles.

Thursday: Run/CrossFit

I was supposed to do a track workout on Thursday, but the rain put the kybosh on that, so instead I hit the trails for an easy 4 miles. Unfortunately for me, I hit the trails a little late and ended up having to go straight to CrossFit without a solid warm-down or cool-down. As a result, that lower back area that was bothering me the day before (my quadratus lumborum) was now super angry with me, and I was only able to complete 2/3 of the prescribed WOD movements. It was a bittersweet day since I PR’d my front squat and basically made a deer BFF while out on the trails (she sniffed my leg and walked with me for a bit), but not being able to complete the workout due to poor choices/planning on my part was quite frustrating. R.E., the coach who was running the session, is a mobility god, and he gave me yet another new move and tool to loosen up my sore back. Spoiler alert: it worked!

Friday: CrossFit

My back was feeling better, so I decided to go into my box and see if I could do at least some of the movements. I was pleased to find out that I could complete the entire workout pain free! I started the morning with a HUGE PR in my push press by adding 40 lbs (95 lbs. total). Afterwards, I accomplished some skills PRs in that I came off of the ring rows and did actual pull-ups (with the assistance of a band) and actual dips (on the matador) instead of backwards on a box. Though I was very happy with the push press PR, I was even more proud of myself for bumping up my skill level in the pull-ups and dips. That’s just pure progress, friends!

Saturday: Run

The skies cleared and I was finally able to get in my track workout. I completed my brutal “4s & 8s” workout, which includes the following:

Warm-up: 800m EZ followed by 5 minutes of dynamic drills

Main Set: 400/400 with 1 min. rest between each

800/800 with 2 min. rest between each

400/400 with 1 min. rest between each

*All at 90-95%

Warm-down: 800m EZ followed by 5 minutes of dynamic drills

It was about 2:00 PM in the sunny afternoon, which made for a very hot workout, but it felt great to get in some speed work.

Sunday: Mobility clinic/Rowing…sort of

Mobility is the word of the week, and the learning continued on Sunday at a clinic at my gym. It targeted larger joint areas and the lower back, which is precisely what I needed. I definitely learned a lot in the 90-minute class, and I plan to sign up for more in the future. After the clinic, I headed to Dragon Boat Racing practice. Yes, you read that correctly. My friend Jeanne asked me if I would join her team, and not knowing anything about it, I of course said yes. It was interesting; very different and unexpected, but it was a good time. It really only works one side of the body, so when I got home I worked on – you guessed it – more mobility to help balance everything out.

I’m a runner, CrossFitter, and coach. I write about 5ks, strength training and nutrition. My current goals are to PR in my 5k and continue to grow in my strength conditioning.

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