Juniper’s Training Log 06.14.2105

Ok, so last week got away from me as far as keeping my log up to date, but take my word for it when I say that I got in some solid training. And this past week, I absolutely slayed. I had a fantastic run workout on the track and set three PRs in my lifting. It was a banner week for this Salty!

Monday: Rest

After going hard five days in a row, I decided to give it a rest. Instead of working out, I went to a baseball game of one of my students. It was a lot of fun, which is shocking to me since I don’t really care of baseball. Maybe I’m learning to like America’s pastime.

Tuesday: CrossFit

Not only did I touch my nose to the wall doing a wall-walk (“Nose and toes!”), but the best thing ever happened: I did my first overhead squat! I had wanted to get OHS by the end of the month after getting really discouraged two weeks ago, so I worked on my mobility every day, and I did it! BONUS points: I also did my first power snatch. I walked out of the gym like I was floating on a cloud. Yeah, I know, that’s a terrible cliché, but I felt pretty damn proud of myself.

Wednesday: Run

Speed work! I headed to the track and busted out a brutal ladder workout. After a mile warm-up, I ran 1200 at 85% my race pace, then jogged 400, descending the run portion by 400 each round but increasing my pace. After my warm-down, I totaled just shy of 5 miles. It was tough, but it was totally worth it.

Thursday: CrossFit

It was another big day for good ol’ Juniper as I PR’d in my front squat. We haven’t done max weight on the FS for awhile, and the last time I frustratingly couldn’t hit 100 no matter how hard I tried. I made it my mission on Thursday to squat 100 pounds, and not only did I accomplish that, I miscounted and squatted a new max of 105 lbs.! It was a very pleasant surprise, but I really need to work on my simple math skills.

Friday: CrossFit

Our gym has an option to do a “Freestyle Friday,” so I took advantage of that and worked on my cleans instead of doing the programed WOD since I will be doing cleans in July for a CrossFit team competition. Low and behold I hit my third PR of the week! Only one week ago, I cleaned 65 lbs., but Friday morning I was able to add 20 more to that. Huzzah!

Saturday: CrossFit

Saturday’s workout was a calorie-incinerating partner WOD, and it was a ton of fun. I was lucky to work with Kelly, the other gal on my team for the comp in July. The workout entailed a lot of running, which we both enjoyed, as well as pistol squats and burpees, which we did not.

I took Thoreau's advice on Sunday.
I took Thoreau’s advice on Sunday.

Sunday: Rest

I was scheduled to compete in a local 5-mile race, but when I woke up, my body was not feeling it. I went really hard this week, and I needed the day to recover. There will always be more races, and I need to make sure that I’m healthy enough to run them.

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